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Exam BBL

Deze training maakt deel uit van de methode STERK Engels vmbo. Dit onderdeel kan ook als extra examentraining dienen voor studenten die alleen gebruikmaken van de software Reading Assistant en Fast ForWord.

TIP Multiple choice

TIP Multiple choice questions can be tricky. You’ve learnt some tips and tricks about them, remember? If necessary, check out task 60 for recap. 89 MC-questions Read the text below and answer the questions. On your Bike 1. Suffolk Police have been criticised for their plans to give stolen bikes to criminals for free. The idea is to help former offenders go out and look for work. Lost or stolen bikes that have not been claimed by their owners are normally sold by the police. And a bike that can be traced back to its owner will be returned. Police spokesperson Victoria Woods defends the plan by saying: “Finding employment can have a positive influence on people trying to make a new start. If people have no independent transport they cannot get a permanent job very easily.” 2. But critics say the idea is an insult to crime victims. Fiona McEvoy of the Taxpayers’ Alliance says: “This absurd plan just makes bike theft a legal thing. Suffolk Police could even be handing the bike to the very person who stole it, which would be like giving a reward to thieves.” 3. Cyclist Dave Brady, 29, who always keeps his £3,000 mountain bike in his living room, says: “It is a ridiculous plan. Innocent people who have lost their bikes never had any compensation. Why should those who chose to lead a life of crime get extra help? Let them walk instead!” Comments by email: Why not give them stolen cars which have not been registered to an owner? Maybe they could set up Taxi Firms. posted by Streetfire Suffolk Police …what’s wrong with them? Are they out of their minds? What’s the name of the person who came up with the idea. I’d like to speak to him. posted by David French I have worked on a few projects where the police donate stolen and abandoned bicycles that have been lying around police stations. The young lads learn how to repair them and it gives them a good feeling. If they complete the course they get to ride one of the bikes they repair at home. posted by Padshorts I thought handling stolen property was an offence! If a thief steals a bike and gets caught, do the police give it to him or do they keep it for him till he gets out? Do we really pay these people to have these silly ideas? posted by Kiran It would be interesting to find out, six months from now, how many of the criminals presented with a bike have actually found a job. And if they still have the bike. I doubt it. posted by Georgie A. Wat is de kritiek op de politie van Suffolk? (alinea 1) a. Ze doen geen moeite gestolen fietsen op te sporen. b. Ze geven gestolen fietsen weg aan dieven. c. Ze verkopen fietsen die niet worden afgehaald. 72 EXAM PREPARATION - EXTRA PRACTICE - BBL

B. Wat zegt Fiona McEvoy over het plan? (alinea 2) a. Dieven krijgen zo het idee dat fietsen stelen wel mag. b. Dieven worden op het idee gebracht meer te gaan stelen. c. Dieven zullen de fietsen snel doorverkopen. C. Wat is de mening van Dave Brady? (alinea 3) a. Dieven moeten de slachtoffers schadevergoeding betalen. b. Het is goed dat criminelen wat meer gaan bewegen. c. Het is oneerlijk dat misdaad wordt beloond. D. Een aantal mensen reageert per mail op dit artikel. Wie is positief over het plan van de politie van Suffolk? a. Streetfire b. David French c. Padshorts d. Kiran TIP Most watching & listening tasks in your exam are MC-questions. Practise with the tasks below 90 MC-questions watching & listening Watch the video and answer the question below. Wat wordt hier verteld over Illac? a. Hij heeft al eerder iets voor een goed doel gedaan. b. Hij is zelf rijk geworden door hard te werken. c. Hij wil mee gaan doen aan de lokale verkiezingen. 91 MC-questions watching & listening Watch the video and answer the question below. Waarom vinden de bewoners de ‘zonneflessen’ zo aantrekkelijk? Door de zonneflessen a. ...leven de bewoners milieuvriendelijker. b. ...voelen de bewoners zich veiliger. c. ...wordt het huishouden gemakkelijker. 73 EXAM PREPARATION - EXTRA PRACTICE - BBL