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Exam BBL

Deze training maakt deel uit van de methode STERK Engels vmbo. Dit onderdeel kan ook als extra examentraining dienen voor studenten die alleen gebruikmaken van de software Reading Assistant en Fast ForWord.

TIP When listening and

TIP When listening and reading English you can come across difficult words. In the previous paragraph we revised context clues and word guessing. Sometimes those strategies fall short. Luckily, we have dictionaries to help. If you need recap, go back to task 54. 86 Dictionary use Read the text below and answer the questions. Replica Town Justin McCurry 1. It may be the only place in the world where it is acceptable to let children work and where parents look on with pride as their offspring slave over hot stoves or pursue criminals through the streets. 2. While millions confront the spectre of unemployment, the recession has failed to materialise at KidZania. It is a scaled-down replica town in the Tokyo suburbs. It invites children to act out their fantasies, whether it is flying a passenger jet and acting on stage, or the less glamorous tasks of issuing driving licences and delivering parcels. Its buildings, vehicles and other features are scaled down to twothirds real size to accommodate its young inhabitants. They have more than 50 jobs to choose from during a typical five- or six-hour shift, with each job lasting about 30 minutes. 3. The park, which opened in October 2006, attracted 950,000 people in its first year and has been fully booked every day ever since. Aimed at children aged two to fourteen, the first KidZania opened in Santa Fe shopping mall in Mexico City in 1999 with the name City of the Children. It proved so popular that a second Mexican park was developed in Monterrey, followed by KidZania in Tokyo. More have been built in Jakarta, Nishinomiya in Japan, and Lisbon, with plans to open one in Dubai later this year. 4. After paying an admission fee, KidZania’s young toilers select a job, change into uniform and start work. On-the-job coaching is guaranteed, and parents are banished to viewing areas. In return for their labour they are paid in kidzos, the park’s official currency, which can be exchanged for goods and services at KidZania complexes anywhere in the world. 5. There have been no reports of redundancies, wildcat strikes or unpaid overtime. And retirement – voluntary or otherwise – is still a long way off. The Guardian, 2009 70 EXAM PREPARATION - EXTRA PRACTICE - BBL

A. What is KidZania according to paragraphs 1 and 2? It is an amusement park that a. Employs children to design and operate the various rides. b. Gives children the chance to experience being an adult. c. Prepares children for their future jobs and careers. d. Teaches children about the hardships of child labour. B. Geef van elk van de volgende beweringen aan of deze wel of niet overeenkomt met de inhoud van alinea 3 en 4. BEWERING WEL NIET Elk park heeft zijn eigen thema. Het park is een typisch Japans product. Ouders mogen in het park alleen maar toekijken. De kinderen hebben hun eigen munteenheid in deze parken. TIP For watching & listening assignments you can also look up important words if necessary. Pause and replay the fragment in order to find out how the word is written. 87 Dictionary use watching & listening Watch the video and answer the question below. Hoe komt de familie aan haar speciale huisdier Beaky? a. De kinderen hadden de jonge vogel gevonden en meegenomen. b. Een familielid kon er niet meer voor zorgen en gaf de vogel aan hen. c. Vader kreeg een emoe-ei en dat heeft hij onder een lamp uitgebroed. 88 Dictionary use watching & listening Watch the video and answer the question below. Welke van de volgende beweringen over Beaky is waar? a. Ze heeft gevoelige ogen die gauw droog worden. b. Ze is kieskeurig wat haar eten betreft. c. Ze kan alleen harde en lage tonen goed horen. 71 EXAM PREPARATION - EXTRA PRACTICE - BBL