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Exam BBL

Deze training maakt deel uit van de methode STERK Engels vmbo. Dit onderdeel kan ook als extra examentraining dienen voor studenten die alleen gebruikmaken van de software Reading Assistant en Fast ForWord.

68 Before- while –

68 Before- while – after watching & listening Watch the video and answer the question below: Wat wordt hier verteld over thee? a. Thee groeide alleen op steile hellingen. b. Thee was kostbaar omdat het zo lang onderweg was. c. Thee werd per toeval ontdekt door een Engelsman. TIP There are different ways to read a text, each with their own purpose and advantages. If necessary, check out task 24 for instruction. 69 Skimming and scanning A. Read the text and answer the question below. I’m PARALYSED for life – but I won’t cry WHEN LAURA, 17, FELL FROM A HORSE, DOCTORS TOLD HER SHE’D NEVER WALK AGAIN. BUT SHE’S DETERMINED TO GET BACK IN THE SADDLE. 1 Determination “When people see me for the first time, I know they feel sorry for me. But I don’t feel sorry for myself – and I don’t want pity either. I have so much going on in my life – great mates, an incredible family and my dreams. And I’m determined that I will ride horses again, even though I was crippled in a horse riding accident. 2 Thrown Since I was seven years old, horse-riding had been my life. I loved to have a horse of my own. On a cold November day two years ago, I tried riding a dark brown stallion to see if he was right for me. I’d been warned that he could be nervous, but I wasn’t worried. Unfortunately the horse started to pick up speed and I lost control. The horse threw me off and I hit a fence post. “I can’t feel my legs!” I screamed to my mum and my brother who’d been watching helplessly. 281 60 EXAM PREPARATION - EXTRA PRACTICE - BBL

Waarom ging Laura op het bruine paard rijden? (alinea 2) a. Ze dacht dat ze het paard wel de baas zou kunnen. b. Ze wilde haar moeder en broer laten zien hoe goed ze kon rijden. c. Ze wilde proberen of het paard geschikt voor haar was. TIP For watching and listening tasks you usually need scanning. Practise this with the tasks below. 70 Skimming and scanning watching & listening Watch the video and answer the question below Wat wordt er uitgelegd over thee? a Alle thee komt van dezelfde plantensoort. b Alleen thee uit China mag thee genoemd worden. c Groene thee is minder waardevol dan andere soorten. 71 Skimming and scanning watching & listening Watch the video and answer the question below. Geef van elke bewering over thee aan of deze juist of onjuist is. BEWERING JUIST ONJUIST Het plukken van thee is een precies werkje. Thee groeit aan een boom. Goed snoeien is belangrijk bij het kweken van thee. Mannen vinden het plukken van thee vervelend. TIP There is a time limit for your exam, it is wise to work strategically. If necessary check out task 29 for instruction recap. 72 Strategic reading Read the text below and answer the question. Eat up or pay up One London restaurant is cracking down on customers. Emily Ashton finds out why 1 It is a guilt trip inflicted on most children who leave sprouts or cabbage on their plates. “Eat up,” their mothers chide, “think of those starving children in Africa who don’t have such 61 EXAM PREPARATION - EXTRA PRACTICE - BBL