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Exam BBL

Deze training maakt deel uit van de methode STERK Engels vmbo. Dit onderdeel kan ook als extra examentraining dienen voor studenten die alleen gebruikmaken van de software Reading Assistant en Fast ForWord.

C. Wat is het

C. Wat is het belangrijkste doel van deze tekst? a. Geschikt personeel vinden voor een project van UK Aid. b. Mensen oproepen geld te geven aan ontwikkelingshulp. c. Reclame maken voor de kwaliteit van het Britse onderwijs. d. Uitleggen wat UK Aid doet in ontwikkelingslanden. 63 Watching & listening Most watching & listening tasks in your exam are MC-questions. Let’s practise those as well. A. . Je gaat kijken naar een filmfragment waarin Mike Dilger gaat onderzoeken hoe we van hoofdluizen af kunnen komen. Lees eerst de opgave voordat je het filmfragment bekijkt. B Now watch the video and answer the question. Over welk probleem heeft Claire Hancock het hier? a. Dat kinderen niet goed kunnen opletten als ze luizen hebben. b. Dat ouders zich schamen als kinderen luizen blijken te hebben. c. Dat scholen te veel tijd moeten besteden aan de bestrijding van luizen 64 Grid questions Watch the video deal with them? and take notes. What are grid questions and how do you best Grid questions are You tackle them by 65 Step by step Answer the questions below. Grid questions are usually Sometimes they are questions. questions. 54 EXAM PREPARATION - SPECIFIC STRATEGIES - BBL

These are the steps to answer them effectively and efficiently. Finish the sentences. Step 1 Lees altijd TIP Let bij open vragen op Step 2 Lees goed TIP Start Step 3 Ga hierna TIP Het antwoord moet A. Assess the text Now let’s practise reading strategies and specifically answering grid questions for real. First, predict what the text is about, this will help you answer the questions. I think this text is about A SLIPPERY SURPRISE 1 Karl Sullivan (28) thought his snake Spartacus had disappeared for good - until the pet turned up later to surprise Kathy, Karl’s stepmother. About three months ago Karl was getting a lift to Faringdon in her car and had taken the five-foot long snake with him in a cardboard box. They stopped at the Tesco supermarket and when they returned to Kathy’s car and opened the boot to put their groceries in, Spartacus had vanished. 2 Karl said: “We were only gone for about ten minutes. I checked everywhere and I even thought about pulling the dashboard off to see if he was there. There was no sign of him at all.” Karl also tried to tempt the snake out by leaving a frozen chicken in the back of the car and he left a message on the Tesco notice board. It was all without any success. 3 Five weeks after Spartacus went missing, Karl spotted traces of snake urine in the car and he started another fruitless search for the reptile. To his delight - and to his stepmother’s shock - the non-venomous snake re-emerged last Thursday, nearly three months later, in the same car. 4 Karl said: “When my stepmum opened the boot of the car to put her shopping in she saw a snake looking straight back at her. I couldn’t believe he survived that long. I thought he would be aggressive or nervous after such harsh conditions but he was perfectly happy and in the same condition I left him.” Normally Karl feeds Spartacus a frozen mouse every two weeks. It was the longest the yellow rat snake had ever gone without a meal! Which is pretty amazing. 55 EXAM PREPARATION - SPECIFIC STRATEGIES - BBL