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Exam BBL

Deze training maakt deel uit van de methode STERK Engels vmbo. Dit onderdeel kan ook als extra examentraining dienen voor studenten die alleen gebruikmaken van de software Reading Assistant en Fast ForWord.

E. Wrap-up Where do you

E. Wrap-up Where do you think the tips and strategies for MC-questions belong? a. before b. while c. after d. all of the above 61 Unplug to save bags Now let’s practise reading strategies and specifically answering MC-questions for real. A. First, assess the text to predict what it is about. I think this text is about B. What do you already know about this topic? Explain. St. George’s Primary School A primary school has changed its policy regarding treats being taken to school. St. George’s had a tradition of youngsters bringing in treats to share on their birthday, but it was halted as part of the school’s attempt to get a Healthy Schools Plus status. This initiative promotes better dietary habits in the South West. Michael Salisbury, the headmaster, defended the new policy after he claimed a culture of unhealthy eating had developed at the school. He said: “If you have a class of 30 children all bringing in cakes on their birthday, it gets to a point where there are cakes being brought in virtually every week and the children start to get too much sugar in their diets.” Teachers will now mark pupils’ birthdays with special hats, badges and flags. C. Wat meldt het krantenartikel over St. George’s Primary School? a. De school besteedt geen aandacht aan verjaardagen. b. De school heeft de titel ‘gezonde school’ gekregen. c. De school heeft veel leerlingen met overgewicht. d. De school verbiedt sinds kort verjaardagstraktaties. 52 EXAM PREPARATION - SPECIFIC STRATEGIES - BBL

62 Struggling to go to School Again, let’s practise reading strategies and specifically answering MC-questions. A. First, assess the text to predict what it is about: I think this text is about. B. What do you already know about this topic? Explain: Struggling to Go to School 1 Around the world, more than 69 million children of primary school age are not in school. That’s more than the entire UK population. 2 One reason that so many children miss out on an education is because it’s too expensive for their families to send them to school. Although school is free in the UK, it isn’t in many poor countries, so families have to cover the costs of school fees. For many of the world’s poorest families these costs are too high. Even in places where school is free, the quality of teaching is often so bad that many parents feel they would be better off sending their children to work instead. 3 Samia is an 11-year-old who lives in the slums of Rawalpindi – Pakistan’s fourth-largest city. Her family is very poor. Like many poor families, Samia’s mother, Yasmeen, has struggled to give her children an education. Samia’s older brothers 3 school. They had to work and help Yasmeen earn money for the family. Samia would have missed getting an education too, if it wasn’t for the special vouchers her family started to receive from an organisation called the Punjab Education Foundation, which is supported by UK Aid. 4 The UK Government believes that helping children around the world to get a decent education is the best way to fight poverty. That’s why, over the next four years, British aid will be used to help 11 million of the world’s poorest children go to school, and train more than 190,000 teachers, to improve the quality of education. To find out more, visit, 2012 53 EXAM PREPARATION - SPECIFIC STRATEGIES - BBL