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Exam BBL

Deze training maakt deel uit van de methode STERK Engels vmbo. Dit onderdeel kan ook als extra examentraining dienen voor studenten die alleen gebruikmaken van de software Reading Assistant en Fast ForWord.

23 Mike 1. Je gaat

23 Mike 1. Je gaat kijken naar een filmfragment over Mike, een speciale hond die bij de geheime dienst werkt. Wat zegt Jamie over Mike? a. Als Mike met pensioen gaat, wordt hij Jamie’s huisdier. b. Jamie’s kinderen vinden Mike bij het gezin horen. c. Mike gaat na het werk altijd met Jamie mee naar huis. 2. Je gaat kijken naar een filmfragment over het weggooien van voedsel. Geef van elke tip voor een beter milieu aan of deze wel of niet wordt genoemd in het filmfragment. ADVIES WEL NIET boodschappenlijstjes maken een energiezuinige koelkast kopen minder eten kopen vaker restjes eten Step 1 Before listening. Read the question and find out what you need to look for. Step 2 While listening. Focus on the information you are looking for. Pause, replay if necessary. Step 3 After listening. Go back to the question: did you find the answer? TIP There are different ways to read a text, each with their own purpose and advantages. 24 A. Different ways of reading There are different ways to read a text, did you know that? Let’s find out more. Watch the video and take notes on the difference between skimming and scanning. Skimming is … Scanning is … 26 EXAM PREPARATION - GENERAL STRATEGIES - BBL

B. Fill in the grid Now watch the video again and choose skimming or skimming and scanning. What is it? What do you do? What do you look at? DEFINITION SKIM SCAN Fast reading to get a general idea of the text and its main points. Read the question and look for a specific answer. Looking for detail and keywords in the text that help you answering the question. You run your eyes over the text. You look at pictures, headlines, and bold words You look for specific information in the text. You look at keywords and details. Anything that stands out: bold printing, headers, pictures, titles etc Specific details to the information you need: keywords, numbers, names etc. 25 A. Let’s skim Have a good look at the text below, but do not read it yet. Focus on bold printing, headers, pictures etc. Predict what the text is about. The text is about I know because I looked at Not before tea 1. Henry Patterson, 12, of Bedfordshire, is one of the youngest businessmen of the whole country. The young boy has made every child’s dream reality and created his very own sweet shop, not before tea. Henry designed the product range, came up with the idea for the funny mouse logo and decided on the name for the business based on his mother’s answer whenever he asked her for sweets. He’s even kept up with modern business trends and is only selling his sweets online. 2. “Sweets must be as fun as toys and games,” he says. This led to the packaging being very well thought out and so his sweets are kept in very strange containers, like jars, shopping bags and lunch boxes. He encourages his customers to re-use the glass jars and bags by giving them creative ideas on how to reuse the items. Examples shown on his website include people using one of their picnic baskets to keep their kids’ toys in and a glass jar used as a plant pot. 27 EXAM PREPARATION - GENERAL STRATEGIES - BBL