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ELEMENTS I Teacher Manual

STERK Engels Teacher Manual Elements I

Exercise Overview The

Exercise Overview The deer drink. Task The exercise presents a holographic device with four empty platforms. • Clicking the Go button activates the device. • Two to four pictures appear on the platforms. • The student hears a sentence. • The student clicks the image that best represents the sentence. • Corrective feedback is presented. • The set of images disappear, setting the stage for the next sentence. Content Speech Processing Levels Students progress through five speech processing levels in the exercise. In the early levels, AI Assistant presents questions and sentences in which the speech sounds have been digitally altered. As students progress through the exercise, the processing decreases, and eventually the sentences are presented using natural speech. Icon Key Audio Download English Learner Quick Check Settings Video 6 Elements I Teacher Manual

Exercise Overview Content Language Structures Within each processing level, AI Assistant covers a range of grammatical content that includes: Language Structure Example Language Structure Example Object Pronouns: Him & Her Point to “him.” Third Person Subject Pronouns She is walking. Description Words Which is “heavy”? Active Voice The cat is following the dog. Action Words Which is “eat”? Passive Voice The dog is being followed by the cat. Predicative Adjectives Comparative with More The tub is full. Which one is more prickly? Passive Voice with Negation Present Tense The cat is not being followed by the dog. The boy is opening the box. Comparative with -er Which one is bigger? Past Tense The boy opened the box. Quantifier: None Look at these bowls with goldfish. Which bowl has none? Future Tense The boy will open the box. Quantifier: Some Look at the boxes with carrots. Which box has some? Preposition: For The box is being carried for the doctor. Singular Nouns Plural Nouns Choose the picture of the dog. Choose the picture of the dogs. Preposition: With Complex Negation The box is being carried with the doctor. The dog that is not running is big. Singular Nouns with Quantifier: A Choose the picture of a dog. Object Relative Clauses The cat is chasing the dog that is big. Plural Nouns with Quantifier: Some Singular Auxiliary Verb: Is Plural Auxiliary Verb: Are Singular Verbs Plural Verbs Possession: Has Possession: Apostrophe-s Wh- Object Questions Choose the picture of some dogs. The sheep is eating. The sheep are eating. The sheep eats. The sheep eat. The cat has stripes. Which is the baby’s bird? What is the dog chasing? Object Relatives with Relativized Objects Subject Relative Clauses Reduced Subject Relative Clauses Sentences with Subject Relative Clauses and Noun-Verb-Noun Endings Sentences with Reduced Subject Relative Clauses and Noun-Verb- Noun Endings Relative Pronouns with Double Function The cat is following the dog that the mouse is leading. The dog that is black is following the cat. The teacher smiling is helping the girl. The dog that is following the cat is black. The girl helping the teacher is smiling. The cat that the dog is following is black. Who vs. What Who is by the door? Sentences with Double Embedding The dog that is following the cat that is black is white. Simple Negation The box is not open. Cleft Sentences It’s the dog that the cat chases. Elements I Teacher Manual 7