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ELEMENTS I Teacher Manual

STERK Engels Teacher Manual Elements I

Exercise Overview Task

Exercise Overview Task The exercise screen shows a debris field in outer space, with 4, 8, or 16 identical objects organized in a grid pattern. Students listen to syllables or words and match them together to clear the grid within the maximum number of clicks remaining. • Click an object to hear the syllable or word associated with that object. • Then click another object to try to find the object with the matching syllable or word. If it plays the same syllable or word as the first object, you have found a match. • Click again on the first object to confirm the match. If it is a match, the objects are removed. If it is not a match, the objects remain on the screen. Collect the space debris by finding matching pairs. First, click an object and listen to the sound. Then click another object and listen to the sound. When you find a match, click again on the object that first played the sound you heard. pack big big Look at the counter. Each time you click an object, the number goes down by one. To advance in Space Salvage, you must make all of the matches before the counter goes down to zero. Icon Key Audio Download English Learner Quick Check Settings Video 46 Elements I Teacher Manual

Exercise Overview Content Space Salvage Progression As students work through the exercise it changes in a few ways: • it begins with speech sounds that have been digitally altered; as students progress through the exercise, the processing level decreases, and eventually the syllables or words are presented using natural speech • the grid size increases: 4, 8, and 16 objects Introductory Level Students begin by working through an introductory level that provides instructions, modeling, and supports (audio feedback and/or visual cues). It uses speech processing level 1, with a subset of highly differentiated words from the standard levels, and all three grid sizes. This level helps students learn the task and determine an effective strategy for making matches. Introductory Set CVC Words pack big tug dip gap pit cut tick Standard Levels Syllables or words differ only by initial and/or final consonants. All four sets are repeated in each of the 5 speech processing levels and all three grid sizes. Set 1 CVC Words Set 2 CVC Words Set 3 CVC Words Set 4 CV Syllables big buck back ba bit bud bag cha dig but bat da dip cup cab ga kick cut cap ka kid duck cat la kit dug gap pa pick pub pack ra pig pup pat sa pit tub tack sha tick tuck tag ta tip tug tap za Elements I Teacher Manual 47