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ELEMENTS I Teacher Manual

STERK Engels Teacher Manual Elements I

Goals/Objectives English

Goals/Objectives English Language Arts Standards Phonological Awareness: students will be able to demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds (phonemes) Language/ Reading Skills Students will be able to... • discriminate between sounds and to correctly identify sounds and sound sequences (listening accuracy) • understand and recall the order of sounds and words (auditory word recognition) • recognize and manipulate units of sound in spoken language such as words, syllables, onset and rime, and phonemes (phonological/phonemic awareness) Cognitive Skills Students will be able to… • use auditory and visual-spatial working memory to locate pairs of matching syllables or words (memory) • focus and sustain attention (attention) • improve auditory processing for syllables and visual-spatial processing for locations associated with sounds (processing) Social-Emotional/ Executive Function Skills Students will be able to... • selectively focus and sustain attention on a lesson or an activity • enhance student agency through retention strategy building • increase confidence in memory capacity training • regulate emotional responses (e.g., excitement or frustration) 44 Elements I Teacher Manual

Exercise Overview Exercise Screen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 Help Provides access to help options: • How to replays initial instructions and provides a model trial. • Progress displays progress for each level and the entire exercise. 2 Home Returns the user to the Exercise Selector screen. 3 Response Buttons Plays the sound of a syllable or word; after finding another object with the same syllable or word, clicking the first object again will confirm the match and clear the two objects from the screen. 4 Click Counter Displays the number of clicks allowed to find and confirm all of the matches. 5 Time Shows time worked/time scheduled for the exercise. 6 Points Shows total points awarded across all of a day’s sessions: • Correct answers: 2 points for each correct answer • Bonus points: If all objects are cleared in fewer than the allowed clicks, the number remaining on the click counter is added to the student’s score. 7 Level Progress Displays the current level and percent completion of the level. 8 Current Streak Shows the number of consecutive correct grids passed since the last incorrect grid (or since the beginning of the session, if none have been incorrect). 9 Highest Streak Shows the highest number of consecutive correct grids passed in this session. Elements I Teacher Manual 45