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ELEMENTS I Teacher Manual

STERK Engels Teacher Manual Elements I

Exercise Overview Task

Exercise Overview Task At the beginning of the exercise, students answer each question as follows: Click the “Go” button to start the trial. The active bubble begins glowing and pulsing, while a series of syllables plays. For example, “ki-ki-ki-ki-gi.” Listen closely! As soon as the syllable changes, click the active bubble. In each trial, the initial syllable is repeated from 3 to 8 times, before the syllable changes. When the syllable changes, the student must respond quickly. This combination of patiently waiting, then rapidly responding, helps students learn to stay focused and refrain from acting impulsively. Motivational Levels After each 20% of progress through the exercise, students “level up” and the screen changes slightly. These motivational levels are not connected to specific processing levels or content, only to percent completion. Level 1 Level 2 Icon Key Audio Download English Learner Quick Check Settings Video 34 Elements I Teacher Manual

Content Exercise Overview Students progress through 6 sound sets. Each set is focused on a pair of syllables that differ by a single phoneme. SonoLab Progression Within each sound set, students progress through 18 stages. Across these stages, the following changes occur: • At first, the syllables are modified, so that they are easier to tell apart. This support is gradually reduced, until the syllables resemble natural speech. • The maximum repetitions of the alternate syllable increases from 6 to 8, after Stage 9. • The syllable presentation becomes more rapid. Time between the syllables (inter-stimulus interval; ISI) is reduced from 500ms to 300ms. • The time allowed for a response is shortened. SonoLab adapts to the students’ performance within each sound set, moving them up and down between stages. Students also cycle between sets. A different set is presented at the beginning of each day, and/or when the student is struggling to progress. Each set is closed after its highest stage is passed. SOUND SETS Target Syllable /gi/ /chu/ /si/ /ge/ /do/ /ba/ Alternate Syllable /ki/ /shu/ /sti/ /ke/ /to/ /da/ Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Elements I Teacher Manual 35