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ELEMENTS I Teacher Manual

STERK Engels Teacher Manual Elements I

Exercise Overview

Exercise Overview Content Motivational Levels Students work to reveal a different picture in each of five motivational levels. After each 20% of progress through the exercise, the picture for the current level is completely revealed. These motivational levels are not connected to content, only to percent completion. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 22 Elements I Teacher Manual

Exercise Overview Targeted Practice This exercise uses built-in, responsive technology to detect when a student is struggling and administer targeted, inline instruction—right when the student needs it—without any external resources or assistance required. This helps reduce frustration as it quickly gets students back on track, so they can continue making progress. Ocean Explorer provides a variety of in-product interventions, such as: coaching, modeling, extended sweeps, alternative instructions and tasks, and modified progressions. One type of intervention, Paired Sweep Alternate Stimuli, introduces the mechanics of the task and sound/button mappings using familiar, distinguishable animal sounds and words before progressing to frequency sweeps. Students are provided immediate feedback as to whether their answer is correct or incorrect. Students’ progression in the exercise stops temporarily while working through an intervention, then resumes when they return to the regular exercise content. Let’s try something new. See the chicken? The up button is now the chicken button. Click the chicken button. See the cow? The down button is now the cow button. Click the cow button. Nice job! Click Go to hear a sound. Click the chicken or cow button to make the same sound. Now, Go will make two sounds. Here’s what you do. Listen carefully. What was the order? Click the buttons in the same order. First, let’s practice. I will talk you through. Click Go. We heard a cluck, then a moo. So, click the chicken button, then click the cow button. Remember: Hear two sounds? Make two clicks. Elements I Teacher Manual 23