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5. Pushed/ you/ the

5. Pushed/ you/ the button/ way too often ___________________________________________________________________________. 6. Laughs/ my sister/ very loudly ___________________________________________________________________________. 7. Is doing/ right now/ in the kitchen/ the dishes/ his cousin ___________________________________________________________________________. 8. Wants/ to take/ Ada/ me/ on a date/ tomorrow ___________________________________________________________________________. 9. Cries/ the dog/ leaves/ the owner/ when/ always ___________________________________________________________________________. 10. For you/ over there/ was/ waiting/ Ursula ___________________________________________________________________________. 10: Fill in past simple vs present perfect Have a look at the sentence and complete it using the correct tense. 1. They ____________________ in love for a year now. (to be) 2. I ____________________ just ____________________ him here. (to see) 3. I ____________________ the dog an hour ago. (to walk) 4. We ____________________ each other since 2016. (to know) 5. Steve and Warren ____________________ the pieces already. (to count) 6. We ____________________ a game last week. (to play) 7. Justine ____________________ a beautiful painting in class last year. (to paint) 8. She already ____________________ a letter to the principle about the issue. (to write) 9: Fill in present simple vs present continuous Have a look at the sentence and complete it using the correct tense. 9. We ____________________ last night. (to text) 10. I ____________________ very skinny as a child. (to be) 1. I ____________________ a book right now. (to read) 2. She ____________________ to school every day. (to walk) 3. Don’t walk in there, he ____________________. (to study) 4. We ____________________ making a test now. (to make) 5. They ____________________ each other all day long. (to text) 6. My parents ____________________ the news, be quiet please. (to watch) 7. I ____________________ my laptop, so I can use it later. (to charge) 8. We ____________________ swimming every Friday. (to go) 9. David ____________________ 5 days a week. (to work) 10. I ____________________ listening to music in my free time. (to love) 11: Cross out comparatives & superlatives Have a good look at the sentences and cross out the wrong form of the comparison or superlative. 1. I am taller/ more tall than you. 2. This tool is the sharpest/ most sharp. 3. I just saw the colourfullest/ most colourful. 4. Please put the screen on the brightest/ most bright setting. 5. I think you are mysteriouser/ more mysterious than others. 6. Jessica was the energeticest/ most energetic during PE. 7. Today is the hottest/ most hot day in years. 8. What is the dangerousest/ most dangerous animal you know? 9. Today will be 5 degrees colder/ more cold than yesterday. 22 23 DATA BANK HOOFDSTUK 1 LEERJAAR 4 DATA BANK HOOFDSTUK 1 LEERJAAR 4