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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

32 Fill in the gaps

32 Fill in the gaps Watch the video again, if necessary. Finish the sentences below to create an overview of what context clues are and how to look for them. • You need to understand at least • You need to understand of the text about the answer to a question about the text. • Almost questions in your exam are about . • Most questions can be answered by . • Context clues help you . There are 4 types of context clues: • S Synonyms • A Antonyms • I Inference • D Definition • You can find context clues in the same as the unknown word. • They are called ‘context clues’ because they are’ . 33 Let’s predict Read the headline and sub headlines and study the pictures. What do you expect the text to be about? Explain why. Use the title, pictures and all other outstanding things to predict. I think this text is about because 93 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - AUSTRALIA - GTL

Australia: History, myths and legends 18th century Most people have never even heard of Australia until 1770. That year Captain James Cook, a British explorer, arrived to the shores of Australia on his ship The Endeavour. His official mission was to sail to Tahiti and watch the planet Venus pass between the earth and the sun. He was given this mission, because scientists needed the observations to figure out the distance between the earth and the sun. But Cook also had a furtive mission. He was supposed to find the unknown southern continent. In April 1770 Cook reached the Australian coast and planted the British flag and claimed the land for Great Britain. The Captain called the land New South Wales. 19th century For about 20 years that’s all for what happened with New South Wales. At the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century many people came to the country. Poor people and criminals were sent to Australia to keep them out of trouble and out of England. Until the revolution in America in 1776 the USA was a part of the British Emprire. Many British criminals were sent to the United States of America to get rid of them in the UK. But after the revolution this arrangement was done and the English authorities needed some place new for these people. Someone remembered Cook’s voyage to Australia and thought that New South Wales would be a good place. It was certainly far away. Poor people and criminals were sent to Australia to keep them out of trouble and out of England. After seven years the prisoners were free to return to England but most of them couldn’t afford it. The first Europeans The first group of people sent to the land were called “The First Fleet” and landed in January in 1788 and built the first European settlement in Australia – that was the start of the city Sydney. The country was called New South Wales until the 1820s when it got its present name: Australia. Aboriginal myths and legends When James Cook reached the new continent he met the native people – the Aborigines. They had already been in the land for 40,000 years. For the Australian Aborigines, the sky was very important: it was a textbook of morals and stories retold around campfires. They had their own zodiac made of birds, fishes and dancing men and it was the backdrop to their existence for tens of thousands of years. 94 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - AUSTRALIA - GTL