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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

20 Remember Ernest For

20 Remember Ernest For task 1 you watched Ernest’s vlog. He shows you what he thought about Britain and the British. You are going to send him a postcard. Remember how to write a postcard? Without watching the video write down what you need to write in the correct spot below. 21 How to write a postcard First, let’s watch a short video on how to write a postcard and write down the tips. Were you right about the elements of a postcard in task 20? Correct any mistakes you may have made in task 20. 81 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - UNITED KINGDOM - GTL

22 The dog did it Your neighbour’s dog ripped a postcard apart. Let’s rewrite it. Below you will find sentences that came from a postcard. You are going to write those on the postcard, in the correct place and order. With kind regards, I loved your video, it was verry funny. Ernest Astute 10037HG New York Dear Ernest, How are you? I’m fine? 3342 Kelvin’s Drive I hope you have a great day. Will you write to me soon? USA I hope to hear from you soon. Amsterdam, November 2nd 2020 82 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - UNITED KINGDOM - GTL