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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook


INFINITIVE PAST SIMPLE PAST PARTICIPLE to get gave to go had known to leave made run to say saw to sell sent to set taken to tell thought understood to write TIP Verbs ending -ed are regular. The rest are usually irregular. There is no way of recognising full verbs as irregular verbs. You have to check them or learn them by heart. 18 Choose the correct verb 1. My friend (be) _________ in London three times. 79 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - UNITED KINGDOM - GTL

2. Some years ago she (take) _________ English classes there. 3. Last month he (go) _________ to visit some friends in London. 4. Unfortunately, I (can / not) _________ go to London with him. 5. This is a pity. They are my friends, too, and I (see / not) _________ them for ages. 19 Correct form Now fill in the correct form of the verb. Check the tense of the sentence and check the list of irregular verbs. 1. Last summer I to Edinburgh. (to go) 2. She her homework in the evening. (to do) 3. Our cat a big spider. (to catch) 4. In 2018 our class a trip to Norwich. (to make) 5. The weather really awful. (to be) 6. Peter nothing to me. (to say) The tense of the sentence = de tijd waar de zin in staat. Now with all your knowledge about the past simple, write a short story. Make sure you highlight all the irregular verbs you use while writing. Choose from the following writing topics: what you did last summer your favourite sports moment your last favourite day Now talk about it in class! 80 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - UNITED KINGDOM - GTL