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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook


MUSIC - WORD ORDER who how many times does what with what/whom where when ZINSDEEL ONDERWERP BIJWOORD Antwoord op de vraag: Vorm van to be en 2 of meer werkwoorden: bijwoord van tijd ACHTER het eerste werkwoord WIE? VAN TIJD HOE VAAK? WERWOORDELIJK GEZEGDE DOET WAT? LIJDEND/ MEEWERKEND VOORWERP MET WAT/ WIE They are always working with their hands BEPALING WAAR? In the garden PLAATS- TIJDS- BEPALING WANNEER? on Saturdays Alle andere zinnen: bijwoord van tijd VOOR het werkwoord Karen always loves playing the piano at home in the evening LET DUS GOED OP BIJ BIJWOORDEN VAN TIJD! 65 GOING OUT - GTL

ENGLISH WORLDWIDE English is spoken all over the world, it’s the third in line of most spoken languages worldwide, right after Arabic and Hindi-Urdu. When travelling or working with people from other countries it’s useful to speak English. This chapter is about 4 different English speaking countries: UNITED KINGDOM AUSTRALIA INDIA UNITED STATES In this lesson series you are going to find out more about English speaking countries. At the end, you are going to give a presentation about English speaking countries too. Along the way, you will learn quite a few things: You will learn new strategies for reading, practise listening & speaking, and learn tips & rules for writing. Also, we will cover the basic grammar to make sure your writing works. Last but not least practise and improve your speaking skills. Besides all this, you will learn new vocabulary according to the themes above, to help you understand texts, and help you write and talk about yourself. Good luck!