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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

SPORTS As a child, I

SPORTS As a child, I loved roller-skating. Originally, field hockey was invented in the Middle Ages. My favourite game at PE is baseball. If you practise enough, you will get better. With a lot of practice, Christiano Ronaldo became one of the best. If you like sitting still for a long time, try fishing for a sport. To keep in shape, running is a good option. Playing volleyball is great fun. Hamid is really good at wrestling, he’s very strong. For athletics, the high jump is one of my favourites. I am not very good at doing the long jump. In winter, it’s nice to go ice skating. In the Netherlands, almost everyone is cycling everywhere. You must be quite sporty to be any good at athletics. What sports do you go in for? Max Verstappen will dominate the next formula 1 race, I think. We celebrate our victory at the club. There were many competitors, but only one winner. Soccer players retire really early, like when they are 30. If you play rugby things may get rough and you might pick up injuries. If you practise hard, you might reach the top. There are some really weird sports out there. Do you like watching soccer on TV? It is hard work to keep the field green in summer. Below an email, you write regards, and then your name below. rolschaatsen, skaten veldhockey honkball oefenen, beoefenen oefening vissen (hard)lopen/rennen volleybal worstelen hoogspringen verspringen schaatsen fietsen atletiek beoefenen domineren (de beste zijn) overwinning deelnemers (aan een wedstrijd) stoppen met / met pensioen gaan blessures/verwondingen bereiken vreemd voetbal veld groetjes Practise the list on Quizlet. 59 GOING OUT - GTL

HOLIDAYS We booked a bed and breakfast in London. It’s always fun to stay at a campsite, as long as it doesn’t rain. At some campsites, you can rent a chalet to stay in. Large houses sometimes have a guest house in the garden. There are many different holiday camps, like soccer-camp. When travelling, it’s easy and cheap to stay at a motel. Most youth hostels have self-catering. Staying at a youth hostel is much cheaper than a hotel. When I am abroad I love to eat at local restaurants. At the beach, I always try to get a suntan. In a big city like New York you have to go sightseeing. We love hanging out at different beaches in summer. The view from London Eye is breathtaking. London is the capital of England and the UK. At Schiphol you can choose so many destinations. Do you love to explore a country when on holiday? The air in the mountains is so much fresher and crisp. The scenery in Spain is spectacular. In the UK, Halloween is a national holiday, I think. People usually have a day off on New Year’s Day. At Guy Fawkes’ Day people set off fireworks and bonfires. Easter is a Christian celebration of freedom. Sinterklaas is a Dutch event, which is not celebrated anywhere else. Most people like to celebrate their birthdays. I am looking forward to seeing you again. overnachten en ontbijt camping huisje van hout gastenverblijf vakantiekampen hotel aan de snelweg zelfbediening jeugdherberg eten in plaatselijke restaurants een bruin tintje krijgen gaan bezichtigen stranden adembenemend hoofdstad bestemmingen onderzoeken bergen landschap nationale feestdag een vrije dag vuurwerk en vreugdevuren viering/feest evenement vieren Ik kijk ernaar uit om je weer te zien. Practise the list on Quizlet. 60 GOING OUT - GTL