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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

Rol 1: All right. How

Rol 1: All right. How would you like to pay for the tickets?. Rol 2: Zeg dat je graag met je creditcard wilt betalen. Rol 1: I’m sorry, I’m afraid that is not possible. You have to pay via bank transfer. Rol 2: Zeg dat je het begrijpt. Vraag of zij jou rekeningnummer nodig heeft. Rol 1: Sure, can I take your details please? Can you spell out the name on your bankcard and the account number? Rol 2: Spel je naam in het Engels. Vertel dat je rekeningnummer NL54INGB4752186 is. Rol 1: Thank you. You will receive an invoice and can pay by clinking the link. Rol 2: Bedank haar en wens haar een fijne dag. 57 GOING OUT - MUSIC - GTL

GOING OUT - VOCABULARY CINEMA Martin Scorsese is a famous director of films. Films are essentially stories on screen. Loyalty means sticking by someone no matter what. Some boring movies seem to last eternally. Please sit up, you look ridiculous slumped in your seat. This film was funded by a rich businessman. The Hunger Games was an absolute box office success. I want to congratulate the actor with his success. Martin Scorsese won an award for his last film. I can only watch French movies with Dutch subtitles. I watch at least 2 films a month. The audience gave them a big hand at the end of the film. Sarah watched a documentary about the making of a film. Jamiel loves watching a good whodunnit on TV. The film ‘Love Actually’ is a real chick flick. My brothers always watches a cartoon on Saturday. Thanks for the invite, but I can’t come. I’ll take a rain check. Diet coke is definitely my favourite fizzy (drink). A mars is my favourite bar, but I like snickers too. To buy a ticket at the cinema, you have to wait in line. Nowadays, you can book/buy a ticket online. I hardly ever pay cash, I never carry coins or notes. I prefer paying by card. You start an email correctly by writing dear Sarah, How are you? I’m fine. regisseur in wezen trouw eeuwig (durend) belachelijk gefinancierd commercieel succes feliciteren onderscheiding, prijs ondertiteling tenminste klapten voor documentaire film over misdaad vrouwenfilm tekenfilm ik wil graag een andere keer mee een koolzuurhoudend drankje een reep (mars, snickers etc) in de rij wachten een kaartje reserveren/kopen contant betalen met een (pin)pas betalen beste Sarah, Hoe gaat het met jou? Met mij gaat het goed. Practise the list on Quizlet. 58 GOING OUT - GTL