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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

67 Match Match the

67 Match Match the definition to the correct description. DEFINITION place verb time object adverb of frequency subject DESCRIPTION who how many times where when does what with what/whom Place 68 Choose the correct definition Define the underlined parts. 1. Jack flew to New York in 2017. place subject time verb 5. I can play the piano well. adverb verb subject verb 2. Every Saturday he goes to the club. place subject time verb 6. We often play guitar in a band. adverb of frequency place subject verb 3. Hannah often arrives late at school. adverb of frequency place subject time verb 7. Do you love eating cornflakes? adverb object subject verb 4. Zakaria can’t go to the concert. adverb place subject verb 8. James is telling stories about his holiday in Spain. subject object verb 51 GOING OUT - MUSIC - GTL

69 Correct sentences 1. Which is correct? Last Wednesday we went to a concert. We went last Wednesday to a concert. Both sentences are correct. 2. Which is correct? She always arrives late at work. She arrives always late at work. Both sentences are correct. 3. Which is correct? He’s going to buy a present for his girlfriend. He’s going to buy for his girlfriend a present. Both sentences are correct. 4. Which is correct? I watched Netflix yesterday evening. Yesterday evening I watched Netflix. Both sentences are correct. 5. Which is correct? Judy often reads the newspaper. Judy reads often the newspaper. Both sentences are correct. 6. Which is correct? Every Sunday they play soccer in the stadium. They play soccer in the stadium every Sunday. Both sentences are correct. 7. Which is correct? My friend me gave a magazine. My friend gave me a magazine. Both sentences are correct. 8. Which is correct? From where are you? Where are you from? Both questions are correct. 52 GOING OUT - MUSIC - GTL