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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

1 What is the goal of

1 What is the goal of paragraph one? a. introducing the topic b. giving an example c. stating a question 2 What is the meaning of the highlighted word ‘lexicon’? a. collectie liedjes b. woordenschat c. stembereik Leg je keuze uit: 3 To whom does the highlighted word ‘they’ refer? a. the researchers b. big rock bands c. Bob Dylan and other artists 4 Welk signaalwoord geeft een contrast aan? a. because b. first of all c. but 5 Wat is het contrast? 63 After reading 1 Wat is het verschil tussen de woorden die Bob Dylan gebruikt ten opzichte van de huidige rappers (alinea 1)? 2 Wie had de grootste woordenschat? (alinea 2) a. Eminem b. Kanye West c. Dylan d. Jay 47 GOING OUT - MUSIC - GTL

3 Cite the sentence where it state how many different words Eminem used. TIP Citing is literally copying something from the tekst to prove what you mean. With the first sentence you copy the first two words and with the last sentence, the last two words. 4 Place the four names in the correct order. Begin with the individual who uses the most words. Write down the sentence where you found this in the article. Bob Dylan Kanye West The Beatles Eminem ORDER NAME SENTENCE 1 2 3 4 5 What was the most surprising finding that the researchers discovered during their research? (alinea 3) TIP Answer in Dutch only when the question is written in Dutch. Go online and login to do Reading Assistant and improve your reading even more. Keep up the good work. 48 GOING OUT - MUSIC - GTL