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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

59 Play Taboo Follow the

59 Play Taboo Follow the instructions below closely. a. First, choose a random word from the vocab list of task 60. Write it down. Make sure no one can see your word. b. Find a partner. Try to guess each other’s word. Here are some sentences to help. Does the word have anything to do with singing/classical music? Does the word start with the letter ... Does the word end with the letter ... c. You only get one guess, so make sure you ask enough questions before you guess the word. d. Take turns until your teacher tells you to stop. Keep track of your score. Practise the list ‘Going out: Music’ on Quizlet. TIP Make sure you practise Quizlet at least 4 times a week, so you will pass your test easily. Go online and login to do Fast ForWord. Reading level 3 exercise Twisted Pictures. 60 Reading strategies Watch the video and fill in the grid. BEFORE READING WHILE READING AFTER READING 1 Bekijk titel / tussenkopjes /plaatjes/ inleiding 2 3 4 Oefen regelmatig Which reading strategies do you already use naturally? Explain below. 45 GOING OUT - MUSIC - GTL

61 Before reading A Skim the text: read the headline and sub headlines and study the photo. What do you know about this subject? B What do you expect the text to be about? Explain why you think this and justify your answer with parts of the text. 62 While reading Read the text and answer the questions. HIP HOP STAR KANYE WEST BEATS BOB DYLAN IN RANGE OF VOCABULARY 1.Some people say that Bob Dylan is the best American songwriter ever. But, recent research gives a different perspective. A study compared the number of different words in Bob Dylan’s songs with some of today’s most successful rappers. It showed that hip hop songs have hundreds more words than songs by Dylan. 2.The study included ninety-nine famous artists over a period of years. The rapper Eminem had the widest lexicon of all. He used more than eight thousand eight hundred different words in his lyrics. This was nearly twice the number in Bob Dylan’s songs (more than four thousand eight hundred). It was even more than four times the number of words in lyrics by the Beatles. Jay Z came after Eminem, with a musical vocabulary of around six thousand nine hundred words. Kanye West was third in line, with more than five thousand unique words in his songs. This meant that hip hop lyrics had by far the widest range of vocabulary of any type of music. 3.One of the researchers said some of the results were quite surprising, because he expected big rock bands like Pink Floyd, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to use a lot of words in their songs. But, they wrote without using very many different words. First of all, Bob Dylan used more language than other artist of that time. This includes the Beatles, the Rolling Stones (with around two thousand eight hundred different words) and The Who (around one thousand eight hundred words). So we can conclude hip-hop music beats those old-school legends on account of lyrical vocabulary. billboard 46 GOING OUT - MUSIC - GTL