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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

55 Concert Watch the

55 Concert Watch the video how Alessandra explains how she gets ready for a concert. Take notes while watching, before you move on to the next task. 56 Fill in the grid For which days does Alessandra give tips? WHAT YES NO The day you buy the tickets. The day/week before the concert. The day of the concert. The day after the concert. 57 Tips Watch the video again if needed. Write down what tips Alessandra gives regarding the following topics. Write this in English and give details. TOPIC TIP mobile Make sure that you empty the mobile phones storage space: move old photos and videos to, for example, an exernal hardrive so that you have enough storage space during the concert. 43 GOING OUT - MUSIC - GTL

58 Mind map Check out the vocab list for Going out - Music at the back of this chapter. Fill in the mind map below, using the words in the list below. Some words apply to more than one topic. Fill them in the overlapping parts of the circle. CLASSICAL MUSIC BUYING MUSIC SINGING SONGS mic/microphone POP CONCERTS a chorus to be in concert release choir catchy off key composer mic/microphone in tune strike up mellow songwriter live performance conductor easy on the ear orchestra a track to amplify 44 GOING OUT - MUSIC - GTL