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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook


SENTENCES TO HELP 1 Good evening, can I help you? 2 How long are you planning to stay? 3 I still have 3 rooms available. 4 Would you like a single or a double room? 5 The double room costs 110 Euros a night. 6 This single room does not have an adjoining bathroom, I’m afraid. 7 Breakfast is served between half (past) 6 and half (past) 9. 8 If you have any questions, call reception anytime. 9 Have a nice stay. ROLEPLAY Rol 1: Good evening, you must be the receptionist. Rol 2: Groet de gast beleef en vraag of je hem kunt helpen. Rol 1: Yes, I would like a single room, please. Rol 2: Vraag naar de duur van het verblijf. Rol 1: I plan to stay just one night. Rol 2: Vertel dat je nog 1 kamer hebt. Vertel dat deze kamer 140 euro kost. Rol 1: Does it have a bathroom? Rol 2: Zeg dat deze kamer helaas geen eigen badkamer heeft. Rol 1: Oh, that’s a pity. Well anyway, I would like to go to my room now. Rol 2: Vertel de gast dat het ontbijt van kwart voor 8 tot kwart voor 11 geserveerd wordt. Rol 1: Thank you, good evening. Rol 2: Wens hem een fijne avond en een prettig verblijf. 41 GOING OUT - HOLIDAYS - GTL

GOING OUT - MUSIC Most people love listening to music. There are all kinds of music like classical, rock and pop music for example. Have you ever been to a concert? That is one of the most exciting ways of listening to music. In this part of the chapter we are going to find out more about music and concerts. At the end of this paragraph you… … have improved your listening and know about preparing for a concert. … are able to recognise and use new vocabulary (vocab) to talk and write about music. … are able to use practised strategies to expand your vocabulary by word guessing with … Fast ForWord. … are able to use all strategies to improve your reading by reading about music. … are able to recognise and use the correct word order in English. … are able to write a correct email to a friend about going to a concert. ... are able to book tickets for a concert by telephone. 42 GOING OUT - MUSIC - GTL