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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

41 Text goals A. What is

41 Text goals A. What is the goal of the text below? to inform to convince to activate to entertain to instruct Explain your choice: B Read the text and answer the question below. Exhibition of Previously Unseen Police Artefacts The city’s most inaccessible museum must surely be The Crime Museum, a macabre collection of evidence and criminal tales which was created in 1875 but has only ever been open to police professionals and invited guests. Now we can all get a glimpse of the gory details, though, as its most fascinating exhibits will be on display at the Museum of London. This exhibition reveals previously unseen details and secrets from real-life high profile crimes such as the Acid Bath Murderer, the Great Train Robbery and the Millennium Dome Diamond Heist. Visitors will also find out more about the challenges the police face while trying to keep London legal. The exhibition’s curators have successfully avoided sensationalism and the exhibition’s methodical design is excellent, inviting you to focus carefully on each of more than 20 individual cases as well as themed sections on topics including terrorism, counterfeiting, espionage, and the challenge of distinguishing a real firearm from a replica. But the relentless succession of sad stories and objects used to cause harm is quite hard to take. 50 , these are all cases the Met 1) has successfully solved and many have triggered an important development in policing the capital or the detection of crime. There’s a particularly imaginative programme of themed events to accompany the exhibition’s run; places are bound to go fast so it’s worth booking early., 2015 noot 1 the Met = the metropolitan police: de politie van Londen What is the main aim of the exhibition? a. To attract people interested in fictional crimes. b. To create awareness for the work of crime fighters. c. To raise extra money to fund a special crime unit. d. To warn the public for tricks used by criminals. 259 EXAM PREPARATION - GENERAL STRATEGIES - GTL

42 Text goals Read the text and answer the question below. No wonder you love paper Did you know that forests in Europe, which provide wood for making into paper and many other widely used materials, are 30% larger than in 1950? In fact they’re increasing by 1.5 million football pitches every year. Magazines are printed on paper from natural and renewable wood which is all good to know if you love reading your favourite magazine. To discover some surprising environmental facts about print and paper, visit Print and Paper. The environmental facts may surprise you. Two Sides is an industry initiative to promote the responsible use of print and paper as a uniquely powerful and natural communications medium. Wat is het doel van deze tekst? a. Mensen adviseren om kringlooppapier te gebruiken als ze willen printen. b. Mensen amuseren met verrassende feiten over de productie van papier. c. Mensen informeren over de technieken die gebruikt worden om papier te makend. d. Mensen overtuigen dat papier op een verantwoorde wijze wordt geproduceerd. e. Mensen waarschuwen dat overmatig papiergebruik schadelijk is voor het milieu. Signal words help you to see the cohesion of a text. This helps you understand the text better and makes it a lot easier to answer questions about the text. 43 Instruction Remember signal words? Watch the video Write down at least 5 different signal words. and take notes. 1 2 3 4 5 260 EXAM PREPARATION - GENERAL STRATEGIES - GTL