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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

Carbon-based energy For

Carbon-based energy For the developing world, where there are millions of people suffering from abject poverty, lack of drinking water, malnutrition, premature deaths etc., the priority is to achieve the fastest feasible rate of economic growth. Carbon-based energy is by far the cheapest source of energy and this is likely to remain so in the foreseeable future. As such, it is the energy of choice of developing countries. Taking the step of switching over to a dearer source of energy is something developing countries cannot ___ . Times of Oman, 2013 12. Which of the following fits the gap? a. afford b. ignore c. organise d. prevent Fare well? adapted from an article by Deyan Sudjic 1 The classic London black cab looks doomed. A safety recall earlier this year resulted in a financial meltdown for its manufacturer, Manganese Bronze. If the taxi now goes the way of the Route master bus, the electric milk float, the telephone box and the pub, then Britain will be stripped of yet another of the things that make it special. 2 This has nothing to do with nostalgia, but everything with the car’s ability to seat five in comfort, a 25-feet turning circle and easy wheelchair access. The black cab is a defining part of the urban landscape. The orange glow of the taxi sign, and the distinctive tick of the diesel engine are remarkably reassuring on a rainy street at night. 3 The cleverest thing about Kenneth Grange’s design, first launched in 1997, is that it looks as if it has been around for ever but doesn’t feel like a living fossil. Taxis stay in production for far longer than ordinary cars and their looks must reflect that. Anything too daring will date quickly. 4 The latest version, the TX4, formed the centrepiece of the retrospective on Grange’s work at the Design Museum last year. Grange, now in his eighties, is still working. He belongs to a generation of designers that believes design is about thinking about how to make things work better, not smothering them in superficial styling. 5 If Manganese Bronze does vanish, there will still be London taxis. The Mercedes van-based Vito already challenges the TX4, and Nissan launches its own model next year. But stepping into a Mercedes van with sliding doors feels like being taken into custody, and images of the Nissan don’t make it look any more appealing. The TX defines how taxis should look and feel. There is something inherently civilised about it. It is a genuine emblem of the city. Time Out, 2013 13. Geef van elk van de volgende bewer ingen aan of deze wel of niet in overeenstemming is met de tekst. BEWERING WEL NIET De TX mag sinds kort ook gebruikmaken van de busbanen in de stad. De vormgeving van de TX is vooral afgestemd op oudere passagiers. De TX werd tentoongesteld in een museum. Taxi’s van andere producenten lijken qua uiterlijk veel op de TX. 235 EXAM PREPARATION - INTRO & D-TEST - GTL

14. “If Manganese Bronze does vanish” (paragraph 5) Why is this a possible scenario for Manganese Bronze, according to the text? a. Foreign car manufacturers have entered the British market with cheaper cars. b. Its engineers have failed to come up with innovations and improvements. c. Its taxis are too big to navigate comfortably through the narrow London streets. d. Technical problems with its cars have cost the company a lot of money. Name your son Cherokee and he’ll turn out a Kevin By Liz Jones 1 ON MONDAY, I was in a house in South London: white walls, concrete floor, minimalist kitchen, metal staircase and oddly named children: Shiloh and Cherokee. There was nothing remotely native American about the two pale and whiny infants. 2 There were photos on every surface of the family doing exciting things: skiing, riding camels, swimming in the Tropics, hiking (these people never merely go for a walk). All the children’s dreadful art projects - papier mache puppets, daubs, scribbles - were lovingly framed and displayed, as though fashioned by Matisse or Dali. 3 And I started to wonder: what if these children, who have obviously been spawned as a lifestyle accessory, to be placed alongside the Jacobsen chairs, water-filtering kettle and artisan wobbly mugs, grow up to be just any Tom, Dick or Harry? What if they would have been more suited to the names Brian and Kevin? What happens when they develop acne? 4 I worry when parents focus so entirely on a child in case they don’t live up to expectations. I remember going to lunch at the home of a famous, handsome rock star in Primrose Hill and spying his child, who was bucktoothed and short-sighted. ‘Oh dear,’ I said when I saw the child, because he had scraped his knee. ‘I know,’ the rock star sighed. ‘And we gave him such cool godparents.’ adapted from Daily Mail, 2010 15. “‘I know,’ the rock star sighed. ‘And we gave him such cool godparents.’” (laatste zin) Wat maakt de reactie van deze vader duidelijk? Almost Human The Chief was stretched out on the settee, half-asleep. Monty sat opposite him, bolt upright in his chair. Neither of them moved as Dick helped himself to gin and water. They didn’t care for strong drink, the Chief not even for the smell of it, though it wasn’t his way to show his feelings. Monty would sometimes drink beer in the George Tavern with Dick. It was cigarette smoke that upset him, and now as he caught a whiff from Dick’s Capstan, he sneezed. ‘Bless you,’ said Dick. Better smoke the rest of it in the kitchen while he was getting their supper. It wasn’t fair on Monty to start him coughing at his age, bring on his bronchitis maybe. There was nothing Dick wouldn’t have done for Monty’s comfort, but when he had taken the steak out of the fridge and gone once more into the sitting room for his drink, it was the Chief he addressed. Monty was his friend and the best company in the world. You couldn’t look on the Chief in that light, but more as a boss to be respected and deferred to. 236 EXAM PREPARATION - INTRO & D-TEST - GTL