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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

adult’s shoulders.

adult’s shoulders. There are children cycling unaccompanied to and from school, and cycling and playing in the streets, even in Amsterdam. 4 People can still be cranky here, of course, and city roads, even bike lanes, can be hectic. People still do daft things on bikes, behind the wheels of vehicles and on foot because, well, people are people, and prone to taking risks, having bad moods and lapses in concentration. The difference is there’s room for error here, perhaps one reason why people are more forgiving of mistakes. 5 Another important factor contributing towards the safety enjoyed by Dutch cyclists, is the country’s strict liability laws – in a collision between a faster, larger vehicle and a slower, more vulnerable one, the former is found liable by default, unless its driver can prove otherwise. Those on foot are protected from cyclists and both are protected from motor vehicles. You can sense the respect drivers of motor vehicles give cyclists, and in a month I experienced none of the near misses, or aggressive driving that are almost a daily occurrence in London. 6 Where British residential streets, including mine, are too often a race track for rat runners, Dutch streets are quiet, clean and peaceful – an extension of people’s homes, not simply thoroughfares for motor traffic. It was a revelation to me just how great residential streets can be and how easily, with a bit of investment, our streets could become better places for everyone., 2015 5. How is paragraph 4 linked to paragraphs 2 and 3? a. It contradicts them. b. It illustrates them. c. It puts them in perspective. d. It summarises them. 6 “the former is found liable by default, unless its driver can prove otherwise.” (paragraph 5) Which of the following from paragraph 5 does ‘the former’ refer to? a. dutch cyclists b. a collision c. a faster, larger vehicle d. a slower, more vulnerable one 7. In alinea 3 tot en met 5 worden twee verschillende aspecten genoemd die volgens de schrijfster bijdragen aan het veilige fietsklimaat in Nederland. Welke twee? Citeer ( = schrijf over uit de tekst) de eerste twee woorden van deze zin. 8 How can the tone of paragraph 6 be characterised? a. as disappointed b. as doubtful c. as hopeful d. as mocking e. as surprised 233 EXAM PREPARATION - INTRO & D-TEST - GTL

Children and cheap don’t add up adapted from an article by Joanna Moorhead. 1 Hands up if you’d like a three-day weekend? Or a six-hour working day? Or a cheaper holiday? There are polls 7 , even before someone sets up the e-petition to check; so it can only be one of those feather-knockingover moments to hear that about 170,000 Britons have put their names to a call for holiday companies to cut their prices in high season. The petition condemns firms for cashing in on school holidays. In its wake, education secretary Michael Grove has suggested a cut in air passenger duty to reduce travel expenses for families. 2 Air passenger duty or no air passenger duty: it’s going to be cheaper to holiday in term time, when demand is lower, than in school vacations, when everyone wants to be away. So even if the cost is shaved a bit, some parents will still choose to take their kids away when they should be in the classroom. 3 The bottom line is, we all have to make choices – and when you’re a parent, you’ve already made one big choice, which has as a consequence that from here on you’ll have to shell out a lot more cash, and your life will be a lot less convenient for many years into the future. As a mother of four I can honestly say there are many silver linings to family life, which really is a joy and a privilege: but I fear cheap holidays will never be among them. The Guardian Weekly, 2014 9. Kies bij 7 in alinea 1 het juiste antwoord uit de gegeven mogelijkheden. a. people hate to fill out b. that come as a surprise c. we know the result of d. which are very popular 10 ‘a cut in air passenger duty’ (einde alinea 1) Welke van de volgende citaten uit de tekst legt nog eens uit wat dit betekent? a. ‘the cost is shaved a bit’ (alinea 2) b. ‘some parents will still choose to take their kids away when they should be in the classroom’ (alinea 2) c. ‘you’ll have to shell out a lot more cash’ (alinea 3) d. ‘your life will be a lot less convenient’ (alinea 3) 11. ‘you’ve already made one big choice’ (alinea 3) Welke keuze wordt hier bedoeld? Geef antwoord in het Nederlands. 234 EXAM PREPARATION - INTRO & D-TEST - GTL