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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

Thank you for your

Thank you for your purchase of UGG® Australia footwear. Your shoes are made from the finest materials available and will provide you with all the comfort and luxury you’ve come to expect from UGG® Australia. These materials have been treated with the finest dyes. As with any deep, rich shade, some dye transfer may occur onto clothing or furniture. UGG® footwear will age over time, and proper care for your new purchase will ensure even wear. For complete care instructions please visit: De tekst gaat over UGG, een schoenenmerk. 1. Wat voor soort tekst is dit? a. een consumentenbeoordeling b. een folder met productinformatie c. een garantiebewijs d. een reclameaanbieding Every dog has its day: Crufts lets in mutts adapted from an article by Laura Dixon. 1) Every year, the great hall of a king-sized arena in Birmingham is turned into a temple for the worship of pedigree dogs. Thousands of canines are paraded in front of the judges, hoping to win the coveted Best in Show prize. But for the first time this year Crufts, the Kennel Club’s dog show, will feature a competition for crossbreeds and mongrels. 2) Alongside animals that have been bred to succeed will be Becky, rescued from the River Lagan near Belfast seven years ago, and Alfie, who was once so skinny that his ribs protruded from his flanks. After years of criticism that the main event has promoted characteristics that do not always make for a healthy dog, campaigners said it was a step in the right direction. 3) Crossbreeds are more likely to escape the sometimes painful exaggerated physical features or inherited diseases plaguing some pedigree animals. Some show dogs have skulls that are too small for their brains, or suffer from breathing problems. 4 the Dogs Trust and the RSPCA pulled out of the show, in 2008. The BBC also dropped the show from its programming that year after its request for certain breeds to be excluded was rejected. 4) The Kennel Club rewrote its breed standards, changing the wish-list characteristics that could lead to health problems in some dogs and introducing in-show vet check, after the outcry. Last year, six dogs failed the tests. 5) Clarissa Baldwin, the head of the Dogs Trust, said: “Clearly, the Kennel Club has done a lot to improve things. The first purely crossbreed competition is not enough yet – and not enough for us to return, but we welcome crossbreeds going to Crufts. I think it’s a brave move, it has to be good showing people that you don’t have to be a pedigree to be at Crufts, and crossbreeds have a huge place in our lives.” 231 EXAM PREPARATION - INTRO & D-TEST - GTL

6) Robin Hargreaves of the British Veterinary Association said that while bringing the crossbreed competition to the main event was “significant, in a way”, it did little to change the problems affecting pedigree dogs. He was 5 that people believed crossbreeds were always healthier. He expressed his anxiety by emphasising that two limited gene pools might not improve the animal’s health. He explained: “You really need genuine mongrels, a cross of several crosses, for there to be a big difference.” 7) According to the Kennel Club it was the right time to bring the ‘Scruffts’ competition into the main event. The Times, 2013 2. What is the point made about the dog show Crufts in paragraph 1? a. It has had a record number of entries. b. It has seriously increased its prize money. c. It is going to take place in an upgraded location. d. It is planning to introduce a new show category. 3. Kies bij 4 in alinea 3 het juiste antwoord uit de gegeven mogelijkheden. a. For example, b. In the meantime c. On top of that, d. That is why 4. Kies bij 5 in alinea 6 het juiste antwoord uit de gegeven mogelijkheden. a. concerned b. thrilled c. unconvinced Cycling in the Netherlands adapted from the Bike Blog by Laura Laker. 1 Who builds a bicycle road on a 32km-long sea dyke? A seemingly infinite straight line of smooth tarmac on the Afsluitdijk, bordered on both sides by sea? The Dutch, that’s who, and I’m grateful for it. 2 As someone who loves cycling despite the conditions on UK roads, I wanted to see what it was like cycling in a country where cycling is a normal way to travel. None of your hodgepodge of paint that prioritises cars and disappears at junctions that you see in the UK: this is cycling taken seriously. Separate, smooth, well-maintained bicycle roads cross the country, and are often more direct than motor traffic routes. They have their own junctions, with sign posts, where you give way only to other cyclists, and have to negotiate a few runners and walkers. When a bike road meets a car road there are dedicated bike crossing points, often where those in motor vehicles give way to bikes. 3 Because of this decent infrastructure there is a remarkable variety of people cycling, of all ages and from all walks of life. There are old couples riding side by side on e-bikes on long bicycle roads between country towns. There are people in normal clothes riding in astonishing numbers in the cities at rush hour. There are parents with kids, sometimes one on the front, one on the back, even kids standing on pannier racks and holding nonchalantly on to the cycling 232 EXAM PREPARATION - INTRO & D-TEST - GTL