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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

6 Requirement 8 and 9 In

6 Requirement 8 and 9 In task 2 can find requirement 8, knowledge of country & society and 9, implementing all skills. These two requirements may seem a little vague. But they are quite simple. Your understanding of English (written or spoken) will be better if you know the context of the countries and societies they come from. For example, if you have a text about health care in the USA in your exam, you already know a few things about this as chapter 3 covers this topic. Therefore, you will probably read the text more easily and up your chances of answering the question correctly. Same goes for implementing all skills. This requirement is mainly about being able to put together everything you have learned so far and use it. Think of it as a toolbox. You have gathered reading strategies, knowledge of English speaking countries, society and its issues; when you are at the exam you have to use all that in an efficient and effective way. 7 Tools for the exam For your English exam you can have a few things to help you. For all of your exams you can use writing materials (lined paper, pen) and a dictionary Dutch-Dutch. For English you are allowed to use several dictionaries: a dictionary English – Dutch and Dutch – English. If Dutch is not your first language you are allowed to use a dictionary for your native tongue – English & English –native tongue. Ask your teacher about this if you want more information. For example: if your native tongue is Berber and you do not have access to a Berber- English dictionary you can also use an Arabic-English dictionary. A digital dictionary is not allowed. If you really want to you can apply for an English-English dictionary at school. The school authorities will have to give special permission if you would want this, so make sure you apply in time. If you have dyslexia or other language-related deficiencies, you are usually entitled to extra time. Also, there is audio-support so you can listen and read along with the texts and the assignments. You no longer get extended exam time. Guide questions Welke hulpmiddelen mag je gebruiken? Welke extra hulpmiddelen zijn er beschikbaar voor leerlingen met taalproblemen? Leg uit. 229 EXAM PREPARATION - INTRO & D-TEST - GTL

8 Rules for all exams If you try to cheat or do something else we call an ‘irregularity’ this may have some serious consequences. Below you will find some of the possible consequences: You may get a 1 for your exam. You may get disqualified from the exam. (components of) your exam may be invalidated. You may have to resit (components) of your exam. Guide questions Welke consequenties kun je verwachten als je afkijkt tijdens je examen of iets anders doet dat niet mag? Leg uit. 9 Complaints about exams If you have any complaints you can contact LAKS via You can check ‘examenblad’ also give you information on the type of exam. to find out more about your exam. Your teacher can Guide questions Wat kun je doen als je klachten hebt over je examen? Leg uit. Practise the information about ‘Exam Preparation: Intro & D-test’ with Kahoot! 10 D-test GTL Now, let’s have a look at your skills! Below you will find a test to check your skills for reading and listening. 230 EXAM PREPARATION - INTRO & D-TEST - GTL