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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

1 All about the exam

1 All about the exam Watch the video about what your GTL English exam will look like. Welke vaardigheid en kennis komt aan aan bod bij het examen Engels voor GTL? Leg uit. Heb je het gevoel dat je voldoende kennis en vaardigheden hebt op dit gebied? Leg uit waarom wel/niet. 2 Requirements In the grid below you can read the exam requirements for GTL/MAVO. Find for each requirement 2 example excercises in the previous chapters (1,2 or 3) and fill in the task number(s) REQUIREMENT CHAPTER TASK 1 Indicate whether a text contains the information requested in the question/task and if so, which. 2 Indicate the main idea of (a part of) a text. 3 Indicate the meaning of important elements of a text. 4 Recognise and indicate data from one or more texts and draw conclusions from it 5 Specify links between parts of a text. 6 Recognise special style means, like sarcasm or irony. 7 Draw conclusions with regard to the writing purpose, opinion and feelings of the author and indicate for whom the text is intended. 8 Apply your knowledge of the (countries & societies) UK, USA and English speaking world in general. 9 Implementation of all skills and using all skills coherently. (in samenhang). 3 Exam texts The exam consists of a selection of texts and video fragments of different sizes, ranging from short to medium-length and rather long texts. There are many different text types like leaflets, (informative) articles from Magazines and newspapers, personal and (semi-) formal letters or emails, short announcements, signs and announcements in public areas and even narrative, literary or culturally oriented texts. 227 EXAM PREPARATION - INTRO & D-TEST - GTL

Find 5 text types in the previous chapters (1,2 or 3) and fill in the task number(s) and what type of text it is. CHAPTER TASK TEXT TYPE 1 2 3 4 5 4 Questions The exam usually consists of about 41 questions. Most of those are multiple choice and are about the content and structure of long and medium length texts. Usually the exam starts with a few short texts with one or two questions formulated in Dutch. Besides there is sometimes an info gap mc-question. Throughout the exam there are some open questions, asked in Dutch and they always need to be answered in Dutch. The only exception is if you have to quote. Then you copy the exact words from the text, so obviously in English. Find the types of questions in the previous chapters and fill in the task number(s) MC-QUESTION CHAPTER TASK 1 scan vragen 2 referentie vragen 3 gaten tekst vragen 4 waar / niet waar vragen 5 tekst type vragen 6 tekstverbanden 7 tekstdoel 8 beweringen 9 koppel vragen 10 opinie vragen OPEN QUESTION CHAPTER TASK 1 samenhang tekst 2 citeer vragen 13 paragraaf vragen 5 Assessment For every correct MC-question you receive one point. For open questions you sometimes receive more than one point. Check out an old exam: how can you tell how many points a question can earn? Go to and find out more about the GTL exam for English. 228 EXAM PREPARATION - INTRO & D-TEST - GTL