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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook


HEALTH CARE It is not very likely that you never have been sick. The doctor will call me later regarding my diagnosis. The expenditure on medicine is higher than what people spend on food. What is the availability of medical care in Italy? In some countries the upfront costs in medical care are skyhigh. The Dutch population has high expectations of health care. Some Americans go bankrupt due to health care bills. In Holland it is possible to deduct health care expenses off your taxes If necessary, you can pay the bill in monthly payments. It is wise to ensure you have health insurance before you go on holiday. The solution to your problem is to eat healthier and work out. Students also require health care, just like working adults. I have an urgent question: It really cannot wait a second. Do you feel like your existing insurance is covering everything you need? The insurance largely covers the expenses of my surgery, though not all of it. Insurance companies try to devise ways of improving health of their clients. Try drinking water instead of soda, lemonade and other sugared drinks. Don’t fold under peer pressure, just do what you think is right. It is probably a good idea to regularly check your insurance policy. My parents’ marital status is married, my grandparents are divorced. If you need surgery you will probably face an admission to the hospital for a day. Fill in n/a (=not applicable) on the form if the question does not apply to you. The doctor told me my diagnosis. It is diabetes type 2. Please sign the form with your signature. The reason for hospitalisation of my grandfather was the suspicion of a heart attack. waarschijnlijk wat betreft uitgaven beschikbaarheid vooraf gemaakte kosten bevolking failliet aftrekken, in mindering brengen betalingen verzekering oplossing nodig hebben dringend, urgent bestaande grotendeels, hoofdzakelijk bedenken, ontwerpen in plaats van groepsdruk waarschijnlijk burgerlijke staat opname nvt (=niet van toepassing) diagnose, vaststelling handtekening ziekenhuis opname Practise the list on Quizlet. 221 HEALTH & CARE - GTL

ACHES & ACCIDENTS Most people suffer aches and accidents every now and then. My little sister always complains about aches, she is such a baby. Are you okay? It looks like you are in pain. Gerald fell off his bike, he has suffered minor injuries on his legs and back. Every once in a while, I fall down and hurt myself. I am so clumsy. Are you aware of the dangers of bird baths? The figures do not lie: there are many accidents around the house. The figures are not very accurate, but they show an increase nevertheless. Careful with that chainsaw, you do not want to get hurt, do you? Ahlam wanted to trip her brother, but she tripped herself instead. Are bird baths more dangerous than chainsaws? It is unsafe to cycle without a helmet, especially off-road. Peter and Harold had a collision, thankfully they have only minor injuries. Always check over your shoulder before you overtake someone on the road. Tarik was involved in an accident, someone tried to overtake him and collided. Always try to ensure it is safe to overtake someone. The person I collided with tried to claim money from my insurance company. If you want to maintain your health, make sure you live a healthy life. If you want to be accused of causing an accident, drive like a maniac. Careful! You do not want to cause an accident, do you? He had severe physical damage. He broke a leg and had a concussion. Please revert back to me as soon as possible. I look forward to your reply. I had to wait for their response to my letter for three weeks, ridiculous. I am satisfied with my health, at least to a great extent. I want to file a claim for compensation of medical expenses due to the accident. lijden aan pijntjes pijn verwondingen af en toe gevaren cijfers precies gewond raken struikelen gevaarlijk niet veilig botsing inhalen betrokken ervoor zorgen opeisen behouden beschuldigd worden veroorzaken lichamelijke schade beantwoord antwoord voor een groot deel aanspraak maken op iets Practise the list on Quizlet. 222 HEALTH & CARE - GTL