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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

81 Practise telling time

81 Practise telling time Write out the time the British and the American way in the grid below. BRITISH TIME AMERICAN Fifteen minutes past four 04:15 Fifteen minutes after four 02:42 11:05 07:25 20:30 22:55 10:45 13:10 16:34 82 Telling dates Listen to the recording and mark the 16 dates you hear. Use a circle if you hear a British date, use a square if you hear an American date. 213 HEALTH & CARE - ACHES & ACCIDENTS - GTL

83 Telling time Listen to the recording and fill in the correct time. Have a good look at the example. “my favourite series starts at half past nine (PM)” (American or British)? My favourite series starts at 20:30 British 1. Our bus arrives at 2. My brother usually gets up at 3. Get going! Your plane leaves at 4. We always have dinner at 5. What time is it? It’s 6. It’s , let’s take a break 7. Don’t worry, you aren’t late. It’s only 8. My little sisters goes to bed at 9. Our class finishes in a few minutes, at 10 Let’s get to our seats, the train leaves at There are certain rules for writing a formal letter. If you send a formal letter to someone, you do not know for official reasons, and you do not use the right rules, the chances are your letter will not be taken very seriously. That is why you will need to learn them by heart so you can use them when you need to. 84 Formal letter Watch the video . You will learn how to write a formal letter. Take notes and write down the 10 steps. 1 2 3 4 5 6 214 HEALTH & CARE - ACHES & ACCIDENTS - GTL