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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

Your shorts are a health

Your shorts are a health hazard. A FATHER was banned from his local pool because his trunks were an ‘unsafe’ length. Andy Toms was about to jump in when a lifeguard told him his swimming shorts were too long and posed a safety risk to other bathers. The council-run pool’s policy forbids swimmers wearing below-the-knee shorts. It claims the extra material can introduce bacteria to the water.’ Mr Toms visited Littledown leisure centre with his wife Karen, his daughters Abi and Amie and two of their friends. He said: “The girls were already in the water and I dipped my toes in to see how cold it was when I got a tap on the shoulder from an attendant. She told me I wasn’t allowed in the pool because my shorts were too long.” Mr Toms was told he could swap his grey shorts for a pair of trunks in lost property. “I was wearing three-quarter length shorts which come just below the knee, but I’ve been going to that pool for years and wore those shorts there before. If they put the problem down to hygiene then it is not very hygienic to get a pair from lost property either.” Colette Kiernander, the general manager at the centre, said: “Our swimwear policy is clearly displayed in the changing rooms and is there to maintain a safe environment for all of our swimmers.” Daily Telegraph, 2012 “Your shorts are a health hazard” (titel). Het zwembad bood Andy Toms een oplossing aan voor dit probleem. Wat vond Mr Toms van deze oplossing? a. Hij vond het een vies idee om andermans zwembroek aan te moeten. b. Hij was blij dat hij een zwembroek kon lenen. c. Hij was van mening dat de oplossing het probleem niet oploste. Why did Mr Toms think this? Explain how you know this based on the text. TIP MC-questions are very common in tests and exams, not just for English but for all courses. Keep practising them. Go online and login to do Reading Assistant and improve your reading even more. Keep up the good work. 209 HEALTH & CARE - ACHES & ACCIDENTS - GTL

78 Telling date and time Are you able to understand and tell time and dates correctly in British and American English? Watch the video and take notes. What is the difference between American English and British English when it comes to telling dates and time? 79 A. D-test Write out the correct British time. 1. It’s half (past) eight. 6. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10. 210 HEALTH & CARE - ACHES & ACCIDENTS - GTL