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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

2. Have you ever heard

2. Have you ever heard of someone you know who has hurt him/herself at home? If so, what happened? Write it down very briefly. 3. Do you feel your home is safe or unsafe, taking the video in consideration? Why (not)? Explain yourself. 4. After seeing the video, do you feel differently about accidents around the house? Why (not)? Explain yourself. 72 Let’s talk Now talk about the questions in groups. Make sure everyone gets to talk and do not judge one another. Do ask others to explain themselves as clearly as possible. Then look at the photos below. What do you see? Discuss the photos in your groups. Each person should say at least two things about each photo. 203 HEALTH & CARE - ACHES & ACCIDENTS - GTL

73 Mind map Check out the vocabulary for Health & Care: Aches & Accidents at the back of this chapter. Fill in the mind map below, using the words in the list. Some words apply for more than one topic. Fill them in the overlapping parts of the circle. ACCIDENTS RESPONSE ACHES suffer aches pain injuries once in a while dangers figures accurate to get hurt to trip dangerous unsafe collision overtake involved to ensure to claim to maintain to be accused to cause physical damage revert back response to a great extent to file a claim 74 Bingo time Now see how well you know the words already. Your teacher will hand out bingo cards and will call out different times and you have to check the boxes if the correct word is on your bingo card. First one who gets a full card calls out “BINGO!” Practise the list ‘Health & Care: Aches & Accidents’ on Quizlet. TIP Make sure you practise Quizlet at least 4 times a week, so you will pass your test easily. 204 HEALTH & CARE - ACHES & ACCIDENTS - GTL