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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

65 Fill in Put the words

65 Fill in Put the words in brackets into the gaps. Mind the positive or the negative forms. 1. upstairs. (to go) 2. on this road. (not/to ride) 3. your homework. (to do) 4. soccer in the yard. (not/to play) 5. your hair. (to brush) 6. during the test. (not/to talk) 7. the animals at the pet shop. (not/to feed) 8. the manual. (to read) 9. late for our appointment. (not/to be) 10. your cell phones. (to switch off) 66 Look at the photos Look at the photos and write full sentences using the imperative. 1. Tidy up – room 2. Feed – the ducks 3. Do – task 4. Turn – right 5. Tell – secret 6. Fish – water 1 2 3 4 5 6 197 HEALTH & CARE - HEALTH CARE - GTL

67 Emergency Room Have you ever been to the ER? Let’s hope not. Unfortunately, many people have or will at some point. Watch the video on 2 girls going to the ER in America. Take notes: what happens? What is their plan? Can you relate to this incident? 68 Filling out an ER admittance form If you are abroad and in need of medical care, you will have to be able to fill out a form, just like in the video. Step 1 SITUATION You are on holiday in New York and you fall down in the underground. Your foot really hurts, you think it may be broken. You go to the Calvary Hospital in the Bronx to have it looked at with one of your relatives. Step 2 TASK Fill out the admittance form. Use the words to help and the vocab list at the back of the chapter. If necessary, consult a dictionary. Use the hand-out to fill out the form. WORDS TO HELP Apt (apartment) Rel (religion) SS# (social security number) Medicare Medicaid Ins. Co. (insurance company) HCP (health care personnel) POA (present on admission) Advance directive DNR appartement-/huisnummer geloofsovertuiging BSN (burger service nummer) Voorziening voor 65+ Amerikanen om zorgkosten te dekken. Voorziening voor arme Amerikanen die niet verzekerd zijn. verzekeringsbedrijf personeel in de gezondheidszorg aanwezig bij aanmelding Wilsbeschikker, iemand die medische beslissingen voor je neemt als je dit zelf niet meer kunt, bijv. als je niet bij kennis bent. geen reanimatie verklaring (als je niet gereanimeerd wilt worden na een hartstilstand). 198 HEALTH & CARE - HEALTH CARE - GTL