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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

2. What are the 4 steps

2. What are the 4 steps to answer an info-gap question? Step 1 Tip Always check the of the MC-options. Step 2 Tip Always check the of important, difficult words. Step 3 Tip Only do this if you are very sure of yourself. Step 4 Tip If you are not sure, try in the paragraph and see which one fits best. Which of these steps do you use with other types of questions such as MC and open questions? Explain below 58 A. Prepare to read Now let’s try answering info-gap questions for real. First, scan the text in this task. What is the topic? Why? Scanning = look at illustrations, captions etc and predict what the text is about. What do you already know about this topic?How do you know it? B. Turn to the questions Read the first question. Question 1 Which of the following fits the gap * in paragraph 1? ineffective rather pushy too costly unpopular 191 HEALTH & CARE - HEALTH CARE - GTL

Where can you find the answer? Paragraph: For long texts, always read the question first. It helps you get a clear idea of what you are looking for. Guess or look up the meaning of the gap-fillers: ineffective rather pushy too costly unpopular Guess by word-family or word-structure. If you can’t guess it, use a dictionary. C. Turn to the text Find the info-gap. Read the entire paragraph in which it sits. Make sure you understand what the paragraph is about. Summarise the paragraph in 1 or 2 sentences. D. Slim down your options Check the meaning of the info-gap options. If you have summarised the paragraph and know the meaning of the options, you should be able to cross of at least 2 options. Which two options are you pretty sure of to be incorrect? E. Choose ineffective rather pushy too costly unpopular Now you are left with only two options. Try filling in the options in the paragraph and read it as a whole to check which one fits in best. Option 1 Let op de ; in de zin: na dit leesteken volgt vaak een verklaring of voorbeeld. Dat kan je helpen het juiste antwoord te vinden. Sometimes we find it easy to identify a problem and impossible to think of a solution. Obesity is a good example. Almost everybody agrees that it is a growing burden on health systems and that it requires urgent attention from policy makers. But almost everybody also agrees that existing policies for reducing obesity are . School posters, virally marketed videos, healthy-eating classes, celebrity chefs in charge of school-meal recipes, bicycle lanes, junk-food ad bans, calorie-content labels, monetary rewards for weight loss — they’ve all been tried, and they’ve all largely failed. 192 HEALTH & CARE - HEALTH CARE - GTL