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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

43 Adverb or adjective

43 Adverb or adjective Look at the sentences. Choose between an adverb and an adjective. SENTENCES ADVERB ADJECTIVE EXPLANATION 1 Farah looks happy. X 2 Don’t leave! He shouted loudly. 3 Don’t act so silly. 4 I don’t think you fully understand. 5 My mother always happily chatters away. 6 Samuel is a bad basketball player. 7 Alan can draw effortlessly. 8 That means he draws without effort. 9 I play the drums, but only very badly. 10 I can speak English very well. 44 Adverb forms Find the adjective in the first sentence and fill the gap with the adverb. 1. Karen is happy. She smiles . 2. The music is loud. It sounds . 3. Grace’s Italian is fluent. She speaks Italian . 4. Our teachers were angry. They spoke to us . 5. My brother is a careless driver. He drives . 6. The writer is awful. He writes . 45 Adverb or adjective Let’s take it up a notch. Now you have to decide for yourself. Is it an adverb or an adjective? Circle the correct answer. 1. Helen held the bowl careful / carefully. 2. Erica is a careful / carefully person. 3. I ran quick / quickly to the dressing room. 4. Our journey was quick / quickly. 5. You look tired / tiredly. Did you sleep well? 6. Tina rubbed her eyes tired / tiredly. 179 HEALTH & CARE - ILLNESS AND DISEASE - GTL

46 Get well card If you are ill, it is always nice to receive a get well card, isn’t it? Have you ever received or written a get well card before? How did it look? Who was it to or from? Reflect below. Watch a short video Make sure you include all of the tips in the video on how to write a postcard. Take notes about the tips. 47 How to write a postcard The video explains how to write a postcard. Watch the video again if needed and write down what you need to write in the correct spot below. 180 HEALTH & CARE - ILLNESS AND DISEASE - GTL