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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

40 Adverbs and

40 Adverbs and adjectives Do you remember adverbs and adjectives, and the difference between them? Watch the video and take notes. Adverbs are ADVERBS AND ADJECTIVES An adjective is a word or set of words that modifies a noun or pronoun. Adjectives are 41 D-test Write down the correct form of the word in brackets (adjective or adverb). 1. Jaimy is (slow) . He works . 2. Eileen is a (careful) girl. She climbed up the ladder . 3. The dogs are (angry) . They bark . 4. Brad Pitt acted (excellent) . He’s an actor. 5. They learn Spanish (easy) . They think Spanish is an language. 6. Karim is a (good) singer. He sings . 7. It’s (awful) cold today. The cold rain is . 8. Cats rely on their noses as they can smell (extreme / good) . If that is true, why does cat food smell so (terrible) ? Choose the correct form (adjective or adverb) to complete the story below. Niagara Falls form a natural / naturally border between the United States and Canada. People from all around the world visit this place frequent / frequently. When you stand beside the falls, they are very noisy / noisily. You must speak loud / loudly or nobody can hear you. History shows that native Indians lived here many years ago. Specifically, the Iroquois tribe lived here peaceful / peacefully. HOW DID YOU DO IN THE D-TEST? If you need extra instruction, check out the video or the grammar section at the back of the chapter. 177 HEALTH & CARE - ILLNESS AND DISEASE - GTL

42 Rules Watch the video again if necessary. Fill in the grid below, using the sentences below. Create an adjective by adding ly y becomes i + ly Adjectives ending in ic: adjective + ally (exception: public-publicly) le after a consonant is dropped silent e is dropped in true, due, whole Adjectives ending in ly: use ‘in a… way / manner’ or another adverb with similar meaning after ll only add y Alternates (completely different) Also, fill in the correct adverb on the right, using the explanation. IN GENERAL ADJECTIVE ADVERB slow slow slowly EXCEPTIONS IN SPELLING ADJECTIVE ADVERB true true due due whole happy whole happy silly silly sensible sensible full full OTHER EXCEPTIONS ADJECTIVE ADVERB fantastic friendly in a way in a manner likely good 178 HEALTH & CARE - ILLNESS AND DISEASE - GTL