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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

12 Correct alternative

12 Correct alternative Circle the correct alternative to complete the following sentences in English. 1. I went with she / her to talk to they / them. 2. We / Us will all go together with he / him. 3. Some comments have come from she / her for I / me. 4. They / Them told I / me many nice things about he / him. 5. I / Me thought it was he / him wanting to see I / me. 6. Mr Garret and he / him are great friends. 7. I / Me really want to see she / her. 8. She / Her wants to meet I / me . 9. He / Him rode here with we / us. 13 10. He took she / her to the movies. Personal pronouns - subject Fill in the correct personal pronouns. Note that Karen is the person speaking. Subject forms: ik, jij, hij etc. Object forms: mij, jou, etc. Possessive adjective: mijn, jouw etc. Possessive pronoun: van mij, van hem etc. Reflexive pronoun: mijzelf, wijzelf etc. 1. My name is Karen and am English. 2. My mum’s name is Melanie. her is from Germany. 3. Brad is my dad. her is a cabdriver. 4. On the left you can see Steven. her is my brother. 5. her are twins. 6. her dog is a girl, Kika. her is two years old. 7. her live in Cambridge. 8. her is not far from London. 9. My grandparents live in Marlow. her often come and see her . 10. What can her tell her about your family? 157 HEALTH & CARE - HEALTHY LIFE - GTL

14 Personal pronouns - object Helen went on holiday to Greece. She shows you the souvenirs she got for her family. Fill in the correct pronouns. 1. My sister Susan loves soap. This bar of soap is for (she) . 2. My two best friends like novels. Those books are for (they) . 3. My brother collects picture postcards. These postcards are for (he) . 4. My parents like Greek music. The CD is for (they) . 5. I like necklaces. This nice shell necklace is for (I) . 6. My boyfriend and I both loves cookies. These cookies are for (we) . 7. My nephew likes candy. The Grecian candy is for (he) . 8. My brother wants to go to Greece next year. The guide book is for (he) . 9. Here is another souvenir. I don’t know what to do with (it) . 10. You know what? It’s (you) . 15 Possessive adjectives Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives. 1. Where are (you) friends now? 2. Here is a photo of (I) friend Gwen. 3. She lives in Australia now with (she) family. 4. (She) husband works in Melbourne. 5. (He) company builds harbours. 6. (They) children go to school in Melbourne. 7. (I) family and I want to go to Australia, too. 8. We want to see Sarah and (she) family next winter. 158 HEALTH & CARE - HEALTHY LIFE - GTL