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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

4 Charades Divide the

4 Charades Divide the class into teams before playing. Players from each team take turns to mime for their teammates. Your teacher chooses a word from the list ‘Healthy Life’, found at the end of the chapter. The first team to guess the word or phrase gets a point. Here are some tips: To indicate the number of words, hold up that many fingers. Then hold up one finger before miming the first word, two fingers before the second, and so on. To mime a word that rhymes with the word you want players to guess, first tug on your ear to say “sounds like.” The first person to guess the word or phrase gets a point. Keep track of the points earned by each player or team. The one with the most points at the end of the game wins. Practise the list ‘Health & Care: Healthy Life’ on Quizlet. TIP Make sure you practise Quizlet at least 4 times a week, so you will pass your test easily. Go online and login to do Fast ForWord. Reading level 3 exercise Twisted Pictures. 5 Steps for exam texts You’ve learned quite a few tips and tricks for reading different text types and answering questions about them. Now you are going to fit most of them into a handy framework to help prepare for your exams. Watch the video and take notes. On the tips and tricks for reading and answering questions on different text types. Include all of the tips from the video: 151 HEALTH & CARE - HEALTHY LIFE - GTL

6 Trace those steps Watch the video again if needed and fill in the steps in the grid below. skimming What is the subject of the text? What do you know about it? #Look for: title, pictures, anything that stands out. the question Read it carefully: what useful information do you get? What kind of question is it? #Main idea or detail? . #Question type: open, MC, grid etc. detail Search for the answer. #What part of the text? Look for quotes, keywords etc. main idea Zoom out and look at the text as a whole. #Look for titles, pictures, anything that stands out. intensive reading #Read a little back and forward. #Predict/guess and look up difficult important words. reading globally #Read first and last sentence of the text. #Think about the bigger picture. check Go back to the question. #Did you find the answer to the question? #Did you fully answer the question? 7 Practise exam texts Now let’s see how this would work for exam texts. On the next page you will find a short exam text with questions. Use the steps to answer the questions correctly. Step 1 SKIM THE TEXT Look at the picture and title. Predict what is the text about. Why do you think this? What do you already know about this subject? How do you know it? 152 HEALTH & CARE - HEALTHY LIFE - GTL