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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

INDIA Traffic in India

INDIA Traffic in India is very chaotic. The streets of Mumbai are very bright and colourful. India has the advantage of a sunny climate, though it can get very hot. The employment opportunities have improved due to Bollywood. Do you know any of the star cast of this movie? Mumbai is very exciting. Movies are taped everywhere. Indian films tend to be romantic and very dramatic. Indian films mostly have singing and dancing in them. I always watch movies, but I have never seen a Bollywood film. You hardly ever see a Bollywood movie in Dutch cinemas. People like a movie plot to be unpredictable. Ghandi proclaimed non-violent resistance, so no fighting at all. I love the garish costumes in Indian movies. Gandhi decided to dedicate his life to freedom for India. Humanity owes Gandhi a great deal: we have learnt so much from him. Sometimes you must be brave and resist people who want to hurt you. The law is very strict on using cell phones while driving. Eric is entirely committed to playing tennis, he spends all day on court. He could use some encouragement. He is at the losing end. Gandhi had to endure many insults before he was taken seriously. Don’t swear, I cannot stand such rudeness. Yassin wanted to refuse the food, but his grandmother insisted. Bollywood films generally end with a happily ever after. A considerable number of Indians followed Gandhi’s orders. Together they fought and over won injustice. ongeorganiseerd/chaotisch kleurrijk voordeel werkgelegenheid beroemde sterren in een film opwindend dramatisch voornamelijk/vooral altijd bijna nooit onvoorspelbaar geweldloos kostuums/kleding (speciaal voor een film of toneelstuk) toewijden de mensheid dapper streng volledig aanmoediging beledigingen onbeschaafdheid weigeren in het algemeen aanzienlijke onrechtvaardigheid Practise the list on Quizlet. 141 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - GTL

UNITED STATES Originally there were not any white or black people in the USA, just Indians. The British Empire wanted to rule the world in the past. They tried to conquer as many countries as they could. Religious freedom is a precious right. We should cherish it. Each part of the USA has a different climate. The slavery today is very different from slavery in the past. Many coloured people have been enslaved by white people. Many Europeans emigrated to the USA to find prosperity. Only a minority got rich, the rest struggled in poverty. The majority of the people in the USA speak English. Do you know if the president is available for comments? Give me some supportive arguments, because I do not believe you. oorspronkelijk regeren veroveren godsdienstvrijheid klimaat slavernij tot slaaf gemaakt welvaart minderheid meerderheid beschikbaar Debating is the art of fighting with words in a civil way. debatteren The topic of the debate today is slavery. A formal disagreement is also known as a debate. Most abbreviations can be found in a dictionary. Some schools aim to ban cell phones from school. There are many pros and cons on the topic of eating meat. What is the issue with eating meat anyway? If you are done with your essay, try to fine-tune it by checking the spelling. It is a well-known fact the USA is world-leader in space research. I think ‘you should eat meat because it tastes good’ is a weak argument. Give me a good supportive argument if you want to convince me. In which state is San Francisco? The USA is a democracy, like most western countries. ondersteunende argumenten onderwerp formeel meningsverschil afkortingen verbieden voors en tegens het probleem verfijnen welbekend feit een zwak argument ondersteunend argument landsdeel democratie Practise the list on Quizlet. 142 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - GTL