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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

78 Fill in the grid Use

78 Fill in the grid Use the picture to help. D D B C C A singular (just 1) plural (2 or more) CLOSE BY FAR AWAY A. car here is red. B. car over there is black. C. cars are silver and green. D. cars over there are white. 79 Fill in the gap Fill in the correct verb in the correct form. Choose from this – that – these - those. 1. _______ sweater is mine. _______ one is yours. 2. Look! _______ girl won first prize at the match! 3. Here! Take _______ letters and post them straight away. They’re urgent. 4. _______ house is warm and cosy, but _______ one is freezing cold. 5. _______ people over there look like very rich people. 6. _______ shirt suits me better than the first one I tried on. 7. _______ mark on the wall is caused by dampness. 8. Come and smell _______ flowers. They smell really great. 9. _______ children standing over there are waiting for the bus to arrive. 10. Brad, come and meet Sheila. Sheila, _______ is Brad. 80 Practise the pronoun Have a good look at the picture and the sentence. Fill in the correct demonstrative pronoun. two men seem to be late. car is my father’s. is my book. star is very far from the Earth. 131 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - UNITED STATES - GTL

I’d like to go to country. people are listening to my speech. Look at stars. is my dog. machine. computer is a stupid books are mine. I can’t read words. towers are so far away. 81 Editorial writing Do you remember the Body & Health chapter in class 3? In the first part of that chapter you had to write an editorial column. You are going to write one again today, about slavery. Before you watch the video and take notes: what are the main features of an editorial? Can you remember? Write it down. Now watch the video and take notes: what are the main features of an editorial column? Were you right? If not, write down the features below. Prepare your editorial. Remember the video about the history of the 13 former colonies of the USA? Slavery was a big issue back then. But did you know it still is? Let’s find out. 132 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - UNITED STATES - GTL