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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

75 Questions Read the

75 Questions Read the text and answer the following questions. A. ‘US teacher John Hunter found global recognition’ (inleiding). Vanaf welke alinea wordt er in de tekst hierop ingegaan? Noteer het nummer van deze alinea B. ‘Gave me the creative freedom I needed’ (first paragraph). Of what problem was this creative freedom a result? a. There was little hope the children would get good results. b. There was no management supervising the teachers. c. There were hardly any ready-made school materials available. d. There were no school programmes teachers had to follow. C. ‘The rules state that I can do nothing to interfere’ (alinea 2). Welke zin uit alinea 3, 4 of 5 maakt dit nog eens duidelijk? Citeer de eerste twee woorden van deze zin. D. What is one of the points made in paragraph 3? a. Children who misbehave in the game misbehave in real life as well. b. In the end, most people prefer doing good things over being bad. c. Obviously, the acts of evil people can have serious consequences. d. The outcome of the game depends on the person who is in charge. How do you know this? Explain. E. Kies bij 24 in alinea 4 het juiste antwoord uit de gegeven mogelijkheden. a. for example b. in spite of this c. what’s more F. ‘They don’t always know how not to do it’ (final sentence). What does this remark imply? a. Army officers find it hard to admit they have lost. b. For some it is easier to fight than to maintain peace. c. Politicians and children have a lot in common. Go online and login to do Reading Assistant and improve your reading even more. Keep up the good work. 129 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - UNITED STATES - GTL

76 Demonstrative pronouns Do you know the demonstrative pronouns and how to use them correctly? Watch the video and take notes. What are the 4 demonstrative pronouns? 77 D-test Now let’s see how well you are able to use the demonstrative pronouns. Fill in the correct verb in the correct form. Choose from this – that – these - those. 1. Look at _______ photo here. 2. _______ are my parents, and _______ people over there are my friend’s parents. 3. _______ building over there is the Tower of London. 4. _______ is my cell phone and _______ is your cell phone on the shelf over there. 5. _______ photos here are much better than _______ photos on the magazine. 6. _______ was a great night. 7. Are _______ your pens here? 8. _______ bottle of coke over there is empty. 9. _______ bricks over there are for your chimney. 10. John, take _______ folder and put it on the desk over there. This or These? Choose between the two 1. __________ city is very boring. 2. __________ are our friends. 3. Whose phone is __________? 4. Could you help me with __________ dishes? 5. Whose photos are __________? 6. I have just bought __________ old chest. 7. __________ man has three dogs. 8. I like __________ shoes. 9. Hi, __________ is Jennifer calling. 10. __________ two people are in a relationship. HOW DID YOU DO IN THE D-TEST? If you need extra instruction, check out the video or the grammar section at the back of the chapter. 130 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - UNITED STATES - GTL