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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

73 Scanning Scan the

73 Scanning Scan the text and predict what it is about. Also, think of anything you might already know about the topic. I think this text is about Because I already know The World Peace Game US teacher John Hunter found global recognition when he devised the World Peace Game. He discusses its impact. 1) Being thrown in the deep end in my first job gave me the creative freedom I needed. It was 1978 and I was given a ninth grade group in inner-city Richmond, Virginia. These were mostly ethnic minority students who were not well off. My task as a social studies teacher was to cover the subject of Africa, but this was the kind of school that didn’t have many textbooks; you had to create your own exercises and assignments. So I created the World Peace Game, which started out as a simple four-by-five plywood board on the floor with a map of Africa taped on it. I gave them all the problems I could find and said, “Let’s solve them.” 2) The students are human agents in the game. The rules state that I can do nothing to interfere. I can only ask questions and point out whether they have considered the consequences of their actions. It’s a huge risk every time, but my faith and confidence in the children makes me think they can. 3) Some really do dark deeds, but the game allows them to see, experientially, the effects of their positive and negative actions. They almost always choose to do the right thing because it feels better. There is something in children, and all humans at some level, that means they simply want to be helpful, useful and kind. It’s not something you have to teach or preach to them. Since the teachers have given control and power to the students in the classroom, they have also got to deal with and be comfortable with the unknown, their own fears, expectations and hopes around that concept. 4) In 2006, a documentary filmmaker called Chris Farima filmed one of the World Peace Game cycles in my fourth grade classroom. Four years later in 2010, the film was shown at the South by Southwest film festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. Out of 145 international films that were shown there, we received the number one audience prize. 24 , a little film about education led to my game being played by world leaders. 5) I began touring the world, sharing my game with other teachers. I was invited to attend a screening of the film at the UN and then we were invited to the Pentagon, where the film had been screened four times already. They brought my students in for another visit and four or five generals spent an entire day having serious strategy and tactics discussions with my nine year olds. Although it was a game, it was taken quite seriously and with due respect. While the leaders know how to do war, they don’t always know how not to do it., 2014 127 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - UNITED STATES - GTL

74 Find those words Before reading, you are going to look up some difficult words in a dictionary, using the steps below. Step 1 Find the section dictionary where you can find the meaning of the word. Step 2 Write down the guide words that show this is the correct page. Step 3 write down the keyword you need. Step 4 Write down the example sentence. Step 5 Does it make sense? Compare to the text. Still no luck finding the word or correct meaning? Try these tips: TIP 1 Can’t find the meaning of the word? Try to reduce the word. horrifying TIP 2 look at the sign/abbreviation: what kind of word is it? TIP 3 If it is a verb, is it regular or irregular? How can you tell? horrify STEP/TIP RECOGNITION DEVISED INTERFERE EXPECTATIONS DUE Which section? What guide words? Which keywords? Example? Makes sense? Tip 1: reduce the word Tip 2: what type of word? Tip 3: verb (ir) regular? Definition R Synonym Antonym 128 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - UNITED STATES - GTL