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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook


ENGLISH WORLDWIDE – UNITED STATES The United States is one of the most influential countries in the world, as you probably know. Once it was unknown in Europe, until it was discovered and colonialised. Do you know what that means? Let’s find out about some history of America. At the end of this paragraph you… … have improved your watching & listening and learnt about the colonial history of the USA. … are able to use new vocabulary (vocab) to talk and write about slavery. … are able to use strategies to expand your vocabulary by word guessing with … Fast ForWord. … are able to use how to look up the meaning of words in a dictionary effectively … and efficiently. … are able to recognise and use the demonstrative pronouns correctly. … are able to write feedback on an editorial on slavery. ... are able to debate about modern day slavery. 121 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - UNITED STATES - GTL

66 Colonial USA Nowadays the USA is one of the most powerful nations in the world. What do you already know? Have you ever been there? List at least 3 things you know about the USA. Did you know America used to be a British colony? Let’s find out a little about the history of the USA. Watch the video and take notes. List at least 4 interesting facts you learn from watching the video. 67 Questions And answer the questions below: 1. What is a colony, according to the video? Explain in Dutch. 2. The colonies are seperated into three groups. How are they classified? 3. What is the main reason that the immigrants immigrated to New England? 4. Which problems did the people have in New England? Cross true or false in the table below. STATEMENTS TRUE FALSE The climate was not appropriate to live in. The land was not appropriate to build on. The people didn’t have enough to eat. The people had to fish to make sure they had enough food. There was not enough wood to build ships 5. Which of the sentences below is not true. In New England werden gemeenteraadsvergaderingen gehouden. Er was in New England vaak 1 gebouw dat fungeerde als gemeentehuis en kerk. Kinderen in New England moesten de bijbel uit hun hoofd leren. 122 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - UNITED STATES - GTL