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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

61 Put it together And

61 Put it together And now put it all together in a Word-document (or write it on paper). Don’t forget: Lay-out & structure: • to add photos & illustrations • create an index • write a heading and subheadings • create a table of contents Your biography should be about 200-300 words. Check out the sentences to help and the rubric below to get you started. SENTENCES TO HELP Let me tell you something about… When he/she was a child, he/she went to… In his/her spare time, he/she loved to play soccer/draw/take photographs. He’s mainly famous for… Rubric WHAT SCORE POINTS Content Grammar Spelling Lay-out Alle 8 de punten zijn aanwezig en begrijpelijk. Ten minste 6 de punten zijn aanwezig en begrijpelijk. Ten minste 3 punten zijn aanwezig en begrijpelijk. Minder dan 3 punten zijn aanwezig en begrijpelijk. De tekst is (vrijwel) helemaal correct. De tekst is redelijk correct. De tekst is matig correct. De tekst zit vol fouten. Spelling, interpunctie en hoofdletters zijn voldoende. Spelling, interpunctie en hoofdletters zijn onvoldoende. De tekst heeft foto’s en/of illustraties. Een index. Een titel en alinea’s met kopjes. Een inhoudsopgave. 9 6 3 0 3 2 1 0 1 0 4 2 0 117 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - INDIA - GTL

62 Prepare presentation For this chapter you are going to prepare a presentation about using English throughout the world. In this task you will prepare for the third part of your presentation. Go back to task 60 and 61. Create at least 5 slides, using the biography you created. 1. personal information full name, birthday, family __________________________________________ 2. childhood/school __________________________________________ 3. background information hobbies, career __________________________________________ 4. main point reason for success & importance of this person to India. __________________________________________ 5. last, but not least… later in life, if deceased __________________________________________ 63 How to present Watch the video and take notes. What are the three most important things to remember when giving a presentation? 1 2 3 64 A. Question Answer the question below. There are 3 things important when you give a presentation. Explain or translate into Dutch. Attention Voice Posture 118 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - INDIA - GTL