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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

C. Translate Write down

C. Translate Write down the Dutch translation or give a description of the words below. index headings table of contents birthday family childhood hobbies career reason for success later in life if deceased photos & illustrations 60 Let’s write that biography Now you are going to write a biography yourself. First, pick a person. You can choose between Gandhi or a famous actor/actress from Bollywood. Who are you going to write your biography about? Why did you choose this person? Now, find information about your famous person: 1. personal information full name birthday family 2. childhood/school 115 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - INDIA - GTL

3. background information hobbies career 4. main point reason for success importance of this person to India 5. last, but not least… later in life if deceased 116 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - INDIA - GTL