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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

56 Multiple choice

56 Multiple choice Circle the correct answer. 1. ‘I haven’t got any pens or pencils.’ ‘That’s OK, I will lend / I’m going to lend you mine.’ 2. It’s Karen’s birthday next week, so we’ll buy / we’re going to buy her some chocolate. 3. Will you lend me £10? I promise I will give it back / am going to give it back to you next week. 4. We will have a party / are having a party this Saturday. It’s all planned, so I hope it won’t rain. 5. ‘Hamid’s starting his MBO tomorrow.’ ‘What will he study / is he going to study?’ 6. You won’t like / aren’t going to like that movie. It’s very boring. Let’s choose another one. 7. Do you think they will like / are going to like the flowers we got for them? 8. Look! The bus will leave / is going to leave! Run or we’ll miss it. 57 Fill in the gap Fill in the correct verb in the correct form. 1. A: Why are you typing on your computer? B: I (write) a letter to my family back home in the Netherlands. 2. A: I’m so tired… I’m going to fall asleep…. Help me, please! B: I (get) you a strong cup of coffee. That will wake you up. 3. A: I can’t hear the music. B: I (turn) it up so you can hear it. 4. We are so excited about our trip to India next month. We (visit) Delhi, Mumbai and the Taj Mahal. 5. George (come) to the party. Anwar (be) there as well. 6. Ghalid: It is so hot in here. Sam: I (turn) the air-conditioning on. 7. I think he (be) the next President of India. 8. As soon as the weather clears up, we (cycle) down to the swimming pool and go swimming. 113 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - INDIA - GTL

58 Write a biography In this chapter you have read about Gandhi and watched a video about Bollywood. Now you are going to write a biography on Gandhi or a famous Bollywood star. First, watch a video on writing a biography. Take notes, what is a biography? What information is usually included in a biography? Write at least 6 sentences. 59 A. How to write a biography Watch the video again if needed and do the exercise below. Fill in the words in the gaps. A biography is a way to tell and of a person’s life. It has elements of in it. The is usually someone who has had a huge on society. The story is mainly about the and in his or her life. B. Fill in the grid Geef met een x aan of het element van toepassing is. Gaat over mensen die echt bestaan hebben. FICTION NON-FICTION BIOGRAPHY Heeft een begin, midden en einde. Heeft een hoofdpersoon en een omgeving waar het verhaal zich afspeelt. Heeft illustraties, foto’s, een tijdslijn en onderschriften. Maakt gebruik van verschillende tekststructuren zoals oorzaak en gevolg, beschrijving, volgorde, vergelijking en probleem-oplossing. 114 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - INDIA - GTL