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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook

Customer: You: That

Customer: You: That sounds amazing! So where is this? Vertel wat meer informatie over de plek. Tenminste 4 punten. TIP. Gebruik je antwoorden op vraag 4 van task 43 en 44 om antwoord te geven! Customer: It sounds really good … but it’s a bit off the route I had in mind. So I am kind of thinking of changing my route now … You: Haal de klant over om de plek te bezoeken met overtuigende argumenten. TIP. Gebruik je antwoorden op vraag 7 en 8 van task 43 en 44 om antwoord te geven. C. Give Feedback Now let’s give each other feedback: what went well and what can be improved? Give each other first a TOP and then a TIP. My TOPS My TIPS 103 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - AUSTRALIA - GTL

ENGLISH WORLDWIDE – INDIA India is said to be the second largest English speaking country in the world. Did you know India is a former British colony too? It’s colonial history revolves around one very famous person: Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi. Ever heard of him? Nowadays India is famous for its film industry: Bollywood. Want to find out more? Let’s get started. At the end of this paragraph you… … have improved your watching & listening and learnt all about Bollywood. … are able to use new vocabulary (vocab) to talk and write about famous Indians. … are able to use strategies to expand your vocabulary by word guessing with … Fast ForWord. … are able to answer grid questions correctly and efficiently. … are able to recognise and use will & to be going to so you can write and talk about … the future correctly. … are able to write a biography about a famous Indian. ... are able to give a presentation about English Worldwide. 104 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - INDIA - GTL