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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 4 VMBO-GTL Workbook


Step 2 FIND IMAGES Google your subject and find high definition images. Copy them into a Word-document and save it. Step 3 FIND CONTENT Google your subject to find out more about the sight. Your audience is people of your age, so find something you would be interested in. At least answer the following questions in full sentences. 1. What is the sight? 2. What is it famous for? 3. What are interesting facts about it (think about things like history)? 4. Where in Australia is the sight? 5. How do you get there? 6. Does visiting it cost any money? If so, how much? 7. What is it famous for? 8. Why do you have to go there? 9. Anything else you think people your age would like to read in a brochure about your sight. Write it all in a (Word) document. Step 4 CREATE YOUR BROCHURE You can either make your brochure by turning your document into a digital brochure or create a hard copy brochure. WHAT SCORE POINTS Content Alle 8 de punten zijn aanwezig en begrijpelijk. Ten minste 6 de punten zijn aanwezig en begrijpelijk. Ten minste 3 punten zijn aanwezig en begrijpelijk. Minder dan 2 punten zijn aanwezig en begrijpelijk. 9 6 3 0 Grammar De tekst is (vrijwel) helemaal correct. De tekst is redelijk correct. De tekst is matig correct. De tekst zit vol fouten. 3 2 1 0 Spelling Spelling, interpunctie en hoofdletters zijn voldoende. Spelling, interpunctie en hoofdletters zijn onvoldoende. 1 0 Lay-out De tekst heeft een aanhef en is opgedeeld in ten minste 2 alinea’s. 1 0 101 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - AUSTRALIA - GTL

44 A. Prepare for presentation For this chapter you are going to prepare a presentation about English all over the world. In this task you will prepare for the second part of your presentation. Go back to task 43. Create at least 6 slides, using the brochure you created. B. Tourist Information Now you are going to practise presenting your sight in a roleplay. Work in pairs and swap roles when ready. You are working as an intern at a tourist information in Australia. A customer comes in and would like information about Australia. Customer: Good morning! I would like some advice for something to go and see. Could you help me, please? You: Zeg dat je dat zeker kunt. Vertel dat je vorige maand iets fantastisch hebt bezocht. TIP Use the present perfect. Customer: Wow, what a coincidence! I feel so lucky! So, tell me: what was this sight you’ve seen? TIP. Gebruik je antwoorden op vraag 1 tm 3 van task 43 en 44 om antwoord te geven. You: Vertel bij welke plek bent geweest (zie task 42 en 43). Vertel dat het fantastisch was en leg uit waarom. 102 ENGLISH WORLDWIDE - AUSTRALIA - GTL