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Sterk Engels Leerjaar 3 VMBO-KBL Workbook

16 Choose the correct

16 Choose the correct alternative 1. Which is correct? Did she like the movie? Did she liked the movie? Does she liked the movie? 2. Which is correct? I knowed you liked Vanessa. I knew you liked Vanessa. I did knew you liked Vanessa. 3. Which is correct? We laughed not at the joke. We don’t laughed at the joke. We didn’t laugh at the joke. 4. Which is correct? Did we ate any bananas? Did we eat any bananas? Do we ate any bananas? 17 Make or answer in the past simple Use the question words at the end of the sentence. Example: ? ✔ Did I carry my phone with me yesterday? Yes, I carried my phone with me yesterday. No, I didn’t carry my phone with me yesterday. ? ✔ 1. Did we do our homework last Wednesday? Yes, we No, we 2. 3. ? ✔ ? ✔ Yes, she No, Rebecca didn’t cycle to school this morning. Yes, Andrew played soccer for Manchester United. No, 91 TIME & MONEY - AGES AGO - KBL

? ✔ 4. Did my friends go to the gym to work out? ? ✔ Yes, they No, they 5. Did I eat a pizza last night? Yes, you No, you 18 Letter to a pen friend For task 1 you watched a documentary about human history. You are going to write to a pen friend from New Zealand about the documentary. First, let’s watch a short video on how to write an informal letter. Take notes. INFORMAL LETTER 19 Constructing an informal letter Watch the video again if needed. Answer the questions below. A. To whom do you write an informal letter? B. Why do we write a personal letter? 1 asking for or giving advice 2 3 4 92 TIME & MONEY - AGES AGO - KBL